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Only Amanda, and those who tormented know the full extent of it. It was shown that the bullying was almost constant though.

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Q: How much would Amanda Todd get bullied a day in school?
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Is Amanda Todd real?

Yes. Amanda Todd was a Canadian teenager in her tenth year of school. After years of being bullied she committed suicide.

Why did Amanda Todd kill herself from bullying?

The reason why ''Amanda Todd committed suicide'' or ''killed herself'' is...That she was keep on getting bullied and bullied everyday! Also, she was cyber-bullied too a lot. It all started when Amanda Todd send-ed those naughty pictures of herself to a guy who faked you liked her. That guy started posting her naughty picture world wide on the Internet. Which some people at her school's found those pictures of her on the Internet, which made her sad and cry almost every night! Amanda Todd traded to a lot of schools but, it still came to her, following her. Amanda Todd tried to kill herself a few times before but, people were making fun of what she was doing of killing herself, from all of that bullying and cyber-bullying. People would make fun of her of how she drank bleach!

What did Amanda todd look like?

Amanda Todd is a six teen years old whos video became popular on youtube before she killed herself because of getting bullied

What year did Amanda todd first gret bullied in?

When Amanda was in her seventh year of school an adult coerced her into taking a topless picture of herself over the internet. He then began blackmailing her and bullying her with this picture, demanding even more from her.

Is Amanda Todd really dead?

Yes she is dead,she posted a video of her getting bullied,so a month after that video she commited SUICIDE

How long was Amanda Todd bullied?

Amanda stated that her troubles began in grade seven and continued until the climax of her suicide in Oct. 2012; She was in tenth grade.

Did Amanda Todd hang herself in the closet?

Yes. Amanda Todd hanged herself in her closet on Oct, 10, 2012. in British Columbia, Canada. She was in her tenth grade of school.

What school did Amanda Todd go to?

At the time of Amanda's suicide she was going to CABE Secondary, she was in her tenth year. The school is located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

Was Amanda Todd born in Canada?

Amanda Todd was born in Vancouver, Canada

Which city did Amanda Todd live in?

At the time of her death Amanda lived in port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She attended school in Coquitlam.

What happened to Amanda Todd?

Amanda Todd killed herself by hanging. She was in her tenth year of school. Her story became headline news after a video of her on youtube that outlined the abuse she suffered went viral.

What is Amanda todd's middle name?

Amanda Todd's middle name is Michelle. <3