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How much would a golden retriever and yellow lab mix weigh?


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A male would be around 85 pounds. A female would be around 75.

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Well, a Golden Retriever can grow to be a little over 3.5ft. A Black Lab can grow about the same height, but a lab I believe would weigh a little lighter than a Retriever would. A mix of a Black Lab and a Golden Retriever would grow to be about 3.5 ft. tall and weigh about 100 lbs. Please comment if you disagree, thanks!(:

Most likely the dingo. A golden retriever has a weak bite force and a golden retriever is not aggressive dog.

that would be a golden lab, a mixture of a golden retriever and a yellow lab No that dog is a Tibetan Terrier...

No. A golden retriever would be easily torn up by the doberman.

Yes, but if the greyhound is strong, then the golden retriever would get killed.

It depends on the owner, skills, and size of the golden retriever. However, a coyote would be a better hunter than a golden retriever since it is wild dog, but golden retrievers tend to be better fighters. The coyote might win, but it could suffer some injuries by the golden retriever.

No. An aggressive, bored malamute would easily kill a defending golden retriever.

that would be golden retriever or a diffrent eye dog that would be golden retriever or a diffrent eye dog

gun-dogs because in the olden days men went out shooting they would sometimes bring a golden retriever with then so if a bird fell into the water when it got shot the golden retriever would jump into the water and RETRIEVE it

A golden retriever I would think, as Bostons cannot breathe well in extreme heat or humidity.

I would say golden retriever the only thing is if you keep a golden retriever inside he/she will create heaps of work as they loose a heap of fur especially when they are young and they are loosing their puppy coat!

This all depends on the situation that is pitting golden retriever against boxer. If it's in a hunting contest, then the gold retriever would win. If it's in a guarding contest, then the boxer would most likely win.

We have a golden retriever and an aussie - the retriever is male and the aussie is female, and they get along great. The aussie is a bit bossie with the retriever at times but he doesn't really care - such a mellow fellow!

The golden retriever. It has more muscles, thick fur, and a heavier weight than a boxer dog.

Um, no - Why would you need to ask that ?

I think it would be a Golden Retriever.

From all I've heard; No. Because the breed says golden retriever, well, what colour would you think it is? Gold! Written by Veegal

That would be an unusually small litter for a Golden Retriever, but not unheard of.

Golden Retrievers were used by hunters. The hunter would shoot an animal, then the Golden Retriever would retrieve the dead animal and give it to the hunter.

A golden retriever lab would shed more than a Border Collie Lab mix. Both are very good dogs, but I think that a Golden Retriever Lab mix's are more the family type and very loyal.

Any dog can be child friendly if you train it properly. But I would say the golden retriever or the labrador retriever.

Bobcat. Bobcats are great hunters and have a lot more weaponry to defend themselves than a golden would have.

I would think a lab or a golden retriever.

Probably the husky since huskies are more stronger and have better fighting skills than golden retrievers. Huskies have stronger bites than a golden retriever would, and huskies are more resistant than golden retrievers.

Yes, a golden retriever would be a good jogging partner, they have a lot of energy.

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