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First Edition Book of Mormons from $70,000 to $90,000.

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How much money is the book Uncle Tom's Cabin worth today?

It would depend entirely on what edition of the book you have. A 1st (1852) edition is probably worth somewhere between $100 and $500 dollars, depending on its condition.

Is book of Mormon a masonic book?

No. Anyone familiar with Masonry who reads the Book of Mormon would find no correlation. The Book of Mormon is similar to the Bible and is considered by Mormons as another testament of Jesus Christ, to be used side-by-side with the Bible. You can read the Book of Mormon online at the "Related Links" below.

How much would a third edition of a Book of Mormon published in England be worth?

The price of various editions of the Book of Mormon can vary widely. Some are worth very little and others can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. It all depends on the condition of the book, any documented owners, what edition it is, etc. You should contact a professional appraiser of Mormon books. John Hajicek of Missouri and Ken Saunders of Utah are considered the leading experts on Mormon books in the nation. (Ken Saunders even does the book appraisals for Antiques Roadshow). Check out the "Related Links" below to contact them. If you email them photos and a description of your copy, they can offer an appraisal.

When was Book of Mormon created?

Book of Mormon was created in 1830.

If you read 827 verses of the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon where would you be?

in a better place

What is the fourth book of the Book Of Mormon?

The fourth book in the Book of Mormon is the Book of Enos. The books of the Book of Mormon (in order) are: 1 Nephi 2 Nephi Jacob Enos Jarom Omni Words of Mormon Mosiah Alma Helaman 3 Nephi 4 Nephi Mormon Ether Moroni

Where can you go locally to have a book of mormon appraised?

It depends on where "locally" is to you. Many nice antique shops or rare book shops will know of someone who can appraise antique books, but they may or may not know much about the worth of a Book of Mormon, unless it is a first edition (1830). I would consider the best Book of Mormon appraisers nationally to be Ken Sanders of Salt Lake City, Utah (he does book appraisals for the Antique Roadshow) and John Hajicek of Kansas City, Missouri (who has the largest personal collection of Mormon artifacts in the world). Their websites are at the "Related Links" below.

When was Studies of the Book of Mormon created?

Studies of the Book of Mormon was created in 1985.

What was life like on the Mormon?

What do you mean, on the Mormon? Mormon was a prophet who wrote in and compiled the Book of Mormon.

Is the book of Mormon on x m radio?

No, the Book of Mormon is not on XM radio, but the Mormon Channel is. The Mormon Channel has many different programs, including interviews with church members, sermons, music, and scripture stories. You can download the Book of Mormon as an MP3. Check out the "Related Links" below to listen to the Mormon Channel or download the Book of Mormon MP3 (free).

Do all Mormons believe in the book of Mormon?

Yes. All members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is a volume of scripture to be used as a companion with the Holy Bible. This is a key doctrine of the Church, and belief in the Book of Mormon is a requirement for baptism. Joseph Smith called the Book of Mormon the "Keystone of our religion", meaning that belief in the Book of Mormon is fundamental, and if taken out the entire church would collapse. If you'd like to learn more about the Book of Mormon or what Mormons believe about it, check out the "Related Links" below.

Is the Book of Mormon for kids?

Depends on how old. If they are good with the Bible, they'll be good with the Book of Mormon. There are Book of Mormon storybooks made for kids, if they are too young to read the regular book.

What is the book of Mormon's longest book?

The longest book in the Book of Mormon is the Book of Alma. It takes up almost 1/3 of the Book of Mormon.

What is the ISBN of Studies of the Book of Mormon?

The ISBN of Studies of the Book of Mormon is 978-1560850274.

Will Romney take the oath of office on the book of Mormon?

No. Mitt Romney will take the oath of office on the Bible. Mitt Romney believes that both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are scripture, and that both are of equal importance. He has no problem taking the oath of office on the Bible and would feel the same about swearing on the Bible as he would on the Book of Mormon. You can learn more about Mormon beliefs about the Bible at the "Related Links" below.

When was The Book of Mormon - musical - created?

The Book of Mormon - musical - was created in 2011.

How many times is hope in the book of Mormon?

the word hope is in 53 verses of the Book of Mormon.

What has the author Orion written?

Orion has written: 'Book of Mormon talks' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Book of Mormon

What has the author M T Lamb written?

M. T. Lamb has written: 'Book of Mormon' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Controversial literature, Book of Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 'The great commission' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'The golden bible; or, The Book of Mormon' -- subject(s): Book of Mormon, Criticism, interpretation 'The Mormons And Their Bible' -- subject(s): Book of Mormon, Controversial literature, Mormon Church

How much would an 1904 Book of Mormon be worth?

It depends entirely on the condition. You would need to have it appraised by an antique book collector, and for the best estimate, one specializing in Mormon documents. They would most likely have to physically handle the book or have some very good photos in order to know how much the book is worth. As a very rough estimate, I have seen a handful of 1908 editions, one that had some markings and a cover in very bad shape was selling for only $8. Others were up for bid and selling for possibly ten times that. Check out the "Related Links" below to get in contact with a few people and groups specializing in antique Mormon books and documents, they might be able to help. (I would personally suggest Ken Sanders, he does the book appraisals for Antiques Roadshow)

How much is a 1903 Book of Mormon worth?

The value of antique books varies greatly based on their condition and provenance (the story behind them). If the book is in really great condition or you can prove it was owned by someone of note, it will be worth much more than one in poor condition. And of course, the value also depends on the interest in the market, which fluctuates a lot. It would be best to have your book appraised by a book store specializing in antique books or to get in contact with established collectors focusing on Mormon documents.

Who was mormon's father in the book of Mormon?

There are two Mormon's referenced in the Book of Mormon. The most talked of is the compiler of the scriptural accounts. The book is also named after him. His father's name was Mormon as well.

How many chapters are there in The Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon has several parts which each have several chapters. The total of all those chapters combined will be 239 chapters in the whole Book of Mormon.

What has the author George Reynolds written?

George Reynolds has written: 'Fundementals of Information Systems (Ise)' 'Commentary on the Book of Mormon' 'Commentary On the Book of Mormon Volume 4 (Commentary on the Book of Mormon)' 'Cracked It' 'The Mormon metropolis [microform]' 'The Story Of The Book Of Mormon' -- subject(s): Mormons 'Principles of Information Systems (Ise)'

Who is the name on the book of Mormon?

On the cover of the Book of Mormon it typically just says "The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ". It is possible to get the cover engraved or personalized with the owners name, so if there is another name on the cover it is probably the name of the owner of that particular book. Inside the Book of Mormon, there are many names. The Book of Mormon covers the history of a people for about 2500 years, so many people are named. Check out the "Related Links" to compare Book of Mormon covers.

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