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How much would full coverage auto insurance cost on a 2dr Chevy Camaro automatic with 102000 miles automatic and power windows and doors locks?

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2010-12-08 17:33:54
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Rates will be different from different insurers. Some of the factors that go into the calculation include:

1. Liability limits

2. Amount of collision and comprehensive deductibles

3. Uninsured motorist limits (generally the same as liability limits unless the insured selects lower limits)

4. Deductible selected, if any, on no-fault portion of coverage (often called "personal injury protection")

5. Driving record and age of the principal driver and of all "occasional" drivers

6. Whether or not others will be driving the car, and their driving records and ages

7. The location where the car is primarily garaged

Be certain that you deal only with an insurer that is "authorized" (licensed) to transact auto insurance in your state. That information is a matter of public record with your state insurance regulator.

If you do not have a great deal of knowledge about insurance, you are also advised to use a licensed agent or broker who can take your full financial picture into the calculation of what you should buy.

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