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If you mean a CV joint (constant velocity joint on front-wheel drive car drive train), then go ask a car repair shop. It depends on the make and model and whether the joint is frozen, ie hard to undo, plus the cost of the new part and rubber boots, etc. At least $300, probably more like $600. If you mean something else, then you should make it plain when you ask the question and also make the context clear, ie cars, radios, etc. Otherwise not many people are going to know what you mean and probably fewer would bother answering your (lazy) question. If in fact you are asking about a CB radio clubhouse that you wanted to break up because they were causing interference, well, that's a totally different question.........

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Q: How much would it be to fix a cb joint?
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it would be the CB joint it it's a front wheel drive vehicle with high mileage.

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