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Q: How much would it be to replace a 305 with a brand new 350 in a 1985 caprice and what other expenses could you come across like possibly needing a new transmission?
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What are the typical symptoms of a car needing transmission flush and fluid replenishment?

There are a number of symptoms that signify a car needing transmission flush and fluid replenishment. These include transmission grinding, problems switching gears, and slipping gears.

Mazda 626 transmission slippage problems?

my car has been slipping in the transmission would it be the that the transmission is bad or is the filiter and the transmission fluid needing changed?

How do you finance a real estate project?

You can finance it by knowing all the possible expenses that your project may have in the future as well as assessing current expenses of all the materials and work you'll be needing.

Can a car transmission be repaired?

A transmission can be taken apart and rebuilt. Several factors could depend on whether the transmission has failed though. It could be as simple as needing more fluid.

Where is the plug to drain the transmission fluid on a 2001 Dodge Durango?

I am needing to change the transmission fluid on my 2001 Dodge Durango, and I don't know where the location of the plug to drain the transmission fluid is at!

Why do tires keep needing air if their is no hole in it?

The rim is possibly dirty or rusty at the sealing point.

What is the average cost to repair transmission in a ford Taurus?

Depends what is wrong with the transmission, and the condition. If it is something major like gears needing replaced ($250+), your looking at a lot more money. Possibly transmission fluid needs replaced for easier smoother shifting, which is no big deal ($5-10). Hopefully the whole thing will not need to be replaced or your looking at a few thousand dollars!

How do you decide if transmission or the chip is needing replacing on a 1998 Honda Accord?

Seek professional help.

You are needing a transmission for a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 what other years can interchange with this?


When i drve my car and press on the gas it feels like it's pulling back. What could this be?

It could be due to your transmission about to go out or low on fluid or needing a transmission flush

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 2000 vw passat?

Do not like the answer of using a diagnostic tool - thus, needing a dealer.

Would a smoker be denied after 40 years?

Possibly if you have issues needing immediate med attn. At the very least, cost will be much more.

What causes a Hard shift from first gear to second gear Honda accord?

A hard shift from first gear to second gear in the Honda Accord could be because of a linkage problem with the transmission. It could also be a problem with the transmission screen needing to be cleaned or low transmission fluid.

What happens if you lose all the oil in Ford 7.3liter diesel?

Engine will overheat and seize, needing a rebuild or even possibly a block if you run it long enough.

Why does car not move until transmission fluid gets hot?

Transmission is on its last leg. The seals are needing to expand via heat; fluid is basically seeping by the seals until the parts expand enough to stop the leakage. It will continually get worse

How long does it take for transmission cooler lines to wear to the point of needing to be replaced?

i have never had to replace a transmission line due to wear, unless the line was actually rubbing on something and wore a hole thru it they basically last as long as the car

What are signs of trans filter needing to be changed in 87 700r4 trans?

Normally if a transmission filter becomes clogged the pump will whine and usually the transmission will slip and possibly quit pulling after it gets full operating temp. When cold normally the transmission will pull fine and the pump will not whine as loud if it whines at all. The bad is that if the filter is stopped up damage has usually already been done and the debris is usually clutch material or metal. If I owned a auto with a 700R4 the first thing I would do is install a cooler and service the transmission. They have a overheating problem from the factory and that is why they have a locking dipstick and usually a rubber hose added to the vent on top of the transmission diverting the fluid away from the exhaust.

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Possibly. If your LPG motor is emitting those kind of fumes it is needing repair. They are noted for low emissions.

What can one possibly know about laptop processors?

There is much to know about laptop processors. Being knowledge about processors can allow one to diagnose a problem without needing to seek out a technician.

When was Needing You... created?

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Where can I find an internal diagram of the transmission for 1998 ford expedition?

We found out the answer to what we were needing. We found a piece that fell out when hubby was changing the transmission fluid. We found out that it is a useless plug that is not needed after all. Thought I would throw this out there in case it could help someone else.

What problems do 1995 Mercury Cougar xr7 transmissions have?

The most common problem for the 1995 Cougar xr7 Transmissions is the shift selenoids and the TCM Transmission control modules needing to be reprogramed common fixes for the shift control module would be a transmission overhaul or replacement do to the fact of the shift control module is located inside of the transmission and as well another cost effective fix is to get the transmission control module reprogrammed.

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