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How much would it cost to replace the charcoal canister on a 2002 Hyundai?


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It can cost as much as about $300 to replace the charcoal canister on the 2002 Hyundai. This varies according the mechanic labor pricing in your area. The canister averages around $100 to $150.

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Not sure if it would be the same as the 1991 ex but, the ex charcoal canister is located on the fire wall passenger side.

Fuel leak? Charcoal canister?

Not knowing what year the vehicle is and assuming you mean the "EVAP charcoal canister", if the vehicle has a carburetor, I would suspect the carb is flooding.

I have been told by Hyundai services that it would cost me $950 to replace the clutch of my 2000 Hyundai accent. I think this is a reasonable price.

You would have a strong gas smell. If it's an older car, it may run badly because the charcoal can be sucked into the carberator. The only thing it really does is filter the air from the carb and tank.

It means you have an Evap purge control leak in the EVAP system. Basically when you have gasoline in a car there are a lot of excess fumes, these fumes are routed through the EVAP system of the car, through a charcoal canister, and returned back to your gas tank as liquid fuel. A leaking charcoal canister, Evap Purge solenoid, PCV lines or PCV elbows can cause this. Also a leaking gas cap can cause this. I would recommend replacing the gas cap first. if that does not do it, check all the connections to the EVAP canister *located in the engine by the firewall*. If there are any leaks, change the elbows or lines. IF the problem still exists you most likely need a new charcoal canister or Canister purge valve solenoid.

the problem could be a small hole in the charcoal canister which is part of the emission control. Would have cost me around $1000.00(!!) to replace but I opted to do it myself by plugging the small hole with a bit of coldweld epoxy putty and a coat of rustoleum flat black paint. Voila! just signme: a 1998 230 slk owner.

The threads are damaged. It is dented deeper than 1/4 inch. It is dented on a seam.

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on the 1996 grand am the evap canister is located on the passenger side, in the fender. would need to remove the coolant reservoir to reach.

Check the charcoal canister in the fromt. It is a black can looking thing that stores fumes when the engine isn't running and is supposed to burn them when it starts/

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The official Volkswagen-and-EPA-sanctioned way to hook this up: this is part of the VW vapor recovery system. In 1973 someone in Washington decided that a good thing to do to cut down air pollution would be to pipe the gas fumes from your tank into a charcoal canister and then into a hose which hooks to your air filter so they can be drawn into the engine and burned. The charcoal canister is in the system so a backfire doesn't cause your car to explode. Laugh not, this has happened. On to today's situation: You can't get the correct replacement charcoal canisters. You can't get an air cleaner with the right fittings. And you probably don't want to replace the twenty feet of hose that's rotted away with the passage of forty years' time. Your safest action today is to plug the vent lines so your car isn't continually filled with the aroma of gasoline.

You should do it, they unplug are on top of the engine and are 2 screws. but not much, just go to someone honest.

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