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Check out 'trench art' using your favourite search engine,then check your favourite online auction site using the same words,there are usually several examples on offer. There are so many variables that could affect price some include,type of decoration,type of shell,age -the stamps on the base can sometimes tell age of manufacture of case which is not always the age of the decoration i.e 1895 manufactured cases decorated post 1918- and of course condition. Decorated cases can vary in price from a few pennies to thousands of pounds/dollars so it will pay to do a little research.

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Q: How much would two artillery shells that have been crafted into vases be worth?
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It was seen as a bit of "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend". Anything and anyone that could injure, irritate or inconvenience the Unite Kingdom was worth the investment of a few million dollars worth of artillery, shot, shells, musket and gunpowder.

Why did the French become Allies with the Americans in the Revolutionary War?

France felt that The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend. Any damage or inconvenience to the United Kingdom was worth a few million dollars worth of artillery, shot and shells, gunpowder and muskets given to the Continental Army as military assistance.

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You will have to find someone who specializes in collecting them. Otherwise, they are not worth any more than a regular box of shotgun shells.

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Depend on how fancy it is! Plain Jane vases would only be worth 10-20 dollars. Something "over the top" fancy may be worth several hundred dollars.

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Henry Knox, a book dealer from Boston, had studied artillery tactics and design extensively in his reading and was the most knowledgeable man on the subject in the colonies. Although he had never fired an artillery piece prior to the Revolutionary War he was assigned to command the artillery brigade of the Continental Army by General George Washington. His worth was proven time an time again, most notably in March of 1776 when he deployed all of the artillery he had transported from Fort Ticonderoga on Dorchester Heights, overlooking Boston. This action resulted in the British evacuation of Boston.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Champion shotgun?

A 16 gauge Iver Johnson Champion is worth fifty dollars--sixty if you throw in a box of shells worth ten dollars.

What is a 1917 9mm Lugar worth I has a longer barrel than the standard lugar I assume it to be an artillery pistol?

value depends on overall condition. Pictures help................

What minerals and vitamins are in oyster shells?

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What motivated the French intervention in the American Revolution?

France had been defeated by the UK in the Seven Years Wars and when the American Revolution began King Louis determined that anything France could do to injure, irritate or inconvenience the UK by supporting the Patriots was worth a few million dollars worth of artillery, shot and shells, gunpowder and muskets. They smuggled military equipment into the Colonies until after the British defeat at Saratoga, at which time they formed an alliance and sent in a 10,000 man force under Rochambeau and their badly needed Navy.

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New in box $1000.00. with the original box of shells maybe a bit more..

What type of artillery was general Cornwallis's troops bombarded by?

Cannons and Boats. This was the French's Artillery. __ A variety of weapons were used. The standard was a smooth bore front loading gun made of cast iron or bronze. Galloper guns (3lb, 4lb and 6lb cannons), swivel canons were among the usual artillery pieces. Basically the following were used: Field Cannon, the Garrison Cannon, the Howitzer and the Mortar. There are two excellent websites that describe the weapons and ammunition used. They have illustrations and photos so they are well worth looking at. "Weapons of the American Revolution" looks at all artillery used and "Yorktown Artillery 1781" looks at the Battle of Yorktown specifically.

What is an 1812 Winchester 20 gauge shotgun worth?

No such gun. Check model and repost, please. 20 gauge shells were not created in 1812.

What is a 90mm cannon shell worth?

The value of a 90mm cannon shell varies by its condition. As of 2014 these shells sell at auction for around 50.00.

What did southern planters use instead of money?

they bartered, like the indians. used anmimal skin, beads, shells and things that were in worth or valuble

What is the value of a Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt single shot 22?

Your DW is worth $150 in absolutely mint shape to a collector. They were poorly crafted firearms and the cocking mechanism was prone to early wear.

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