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ITS A PRETTY SIMPLE JOB. I WOULDN'T EXPECT TO PAY MORE THAN $100 AND THAT IS ON THE HIGH SIDE. IF YOU HAVE NO WARANTY DON'T GO TO A DEALER. about 1hour of labor at what there labor rate is plus 1 hour is normal for diag time. question is how do you know it is the egr valve. as for the dealer service department it is not always out to get you some times they can save customers money by have all the tools and information to fix your car right the first time and give a proper diagnoses of the concern.

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Q: How much would you expect an auto repair shop to charge to repair a bad EGR valve on a Ford Escape?
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I had this problem on my Escape. I removed the EGR valve and noticed that a piece of trash was stuck in the valve keeping it from closing and causing this vacuum leak. I took a screw driver and opened the valve to remove the trash. This fixed it.

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