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=== === If you have green eyes and your husband has brown eyes the brown eyes will be more dominent but it is still possible for the child to have green eyes (but less likely)... Darker colours more dominent as opposed to lighter colours being more recessive etc.

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What is homozygous and what is hetrozygous?

Homozygous: genes are similar Hetrozygous: genes are not similar

Similar genes are evidence of what?

If organisms have similar genes, then they are closely related.

How do animals pass on their genes to their offspring?

The animals have intercourse just like humans. Threw genetic process the genes are passed.

What an organism looks as a result of its genes is called?

The way an organism looks, as a result of its genes, is called its phenotype.

Manipulation of genes that allows scientists to put genes from one organism into another organism?

i think its called intercourse between scientists

How is the way hox genes are expressed in mice different to the way they are expressed in fruit flies?

Hox genes in mice and fruit flies are expressed similarly in that the genes themselves are similar enough to trade places and still function. The genes are expressed different because although you can switch the genes around, the outcome will result in the improper physical characteristic.

Genetic mixing of genes that result from crossing-over?

Recombination is the genetic mixing of genes that result from crossing over.

What term describes the way an organism looks as a result of its genes?

A phenotype describes the way an organism looks as a result of its genes.

Why do children have the same fingerprints as their parents?

Humans are all unique, the result of the splicing of the genes during conception. Children do have similar fingerprinting as their parents, but they are not exact matches. The result of this is because of the DNA that is "handed down" to the child.

What are similar genes evidence of?

common ancestry

What are Chromosomes that have similar paired genes are?


How are vectors and plasmids similar?

they carry genes

Did we evolve from chimps and gorillas?

No, we evolved alongside them. We are primates because our genes are similar to a chimp's genes. ^_^

In what ways are homologous chromosomes similar?

They are similar in size shape , position of centromere and genes .Homologous chromosomes are similar in the pattern they are stained, their lengths, and most importantly they have genes of the for a certain characteristics in the same area.

Are yeast genes identical to human genes?

In general no. There are a number of genes that are very similar between yeast and humans. And as a rule the more similar, or conserved, a gene is across very different species the more important for life it is.

What do you call chromosomes that have similar paired genes?


Are similar genes evidence of common ancestory?


Similar genes are evidence of?

In common ancestry and Bloodline

Are genes responsible for evolution?

Evolution is the result of a process called survival of the fittest. Genes are part of the mechanism by which this happens.

What an organism looks like as a result of its genes?

The phenotype of an organism is the physical representation of certain genes (usually dominant genes, though codominance is also possible).

Why do the function of cell differ mitosis?

the renetic genes are similar

Chromosomes have similar paired genes called?

Sister Chromatids

What an organism looks like as a result of its genes is called what?


What an organim looks like as result of its genes is called what?


What do Multifactoral Disorders usually result from?

mutations in multiple genes