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A heat pump can be quit noisy. Possibly some of the newest ones are quieter. Almost all new pumps now are fairly quiet. Some are even called whisper-flo.

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What is the adjective of noisy?


What is a sentence with the word noisy in it?

The children next door are so noisy.The noisy pipes were repaired by the council workmen.Do you have to be so noisy when I am working?

Is Noisy and adverb?

Noisy is an adjective.

Is Belfast noisy?

It is not particularly noisy. It is no more or less noisy than any city.

What is 'noisy' when translated from English to Italian?

"Noisy" in English is rumoroso in Italian.

What is the adjective of I hear noisy dogs?


How do you spell noisy est?


What is the comparative and superlative noisily?

Noisily is an adverb. Noisy is an adjective. So, the given form of noisy: Comparative: more noisy Superlative: most noisy

What is the similie for noisy?

The rowdy teens were as noisy as a marching band passing by. The gunshots were as noisy as fireworks in July.

Is thunder destructive or just noisy?

Just noisy.

What is the French word for noisy?

Noisy is 'bruyant' in French.

What is the superlative of noisy?

Noisiest is the superlative of noisy.

What part of speech is the word noisy?

Noisy is an adjective.

What is the noun for noisy?

The word noisy is the adjective form of the noun noise.The noun form for the adjective noisy is noisiness.

Is noisy an adjective or an adverb?

Noisy is an adjective. Noisily is the adverb

How noisy is India?

it is very noisy because of all of the traffic

What is another synonym for noisy?

another synonym for noisy is loud.

When did Geirmund the Noisy die?

Geirmund the Noisy died in 978.

What is the simile for as noisy as?

as noisy as

What is comparative form of noisy?

The comparative form of noisy is Noisier

What is a metaphor for noisy?

That is as noisy as the zoo!That's a simile not a metaphor.

What is the noun form of noisy?

The noun form of the adjective noisy is noisiness.The word 'noisy' is the adjective form of the noun noise.

What is a sentenc using the word noisy?

The students are quiet in class but noisy when the bell rings. The construction site was a busy, noisy place.

Is noisy an abstract noun?

No, the word 'noisy' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun (a noisy engine, a noisyclassroom).The word 'noisy' is the adjective form of the noun noise, a concrete noun, a word for something that can be heard.The noun form of the adjective 'noisy' is noisiness, an abstract noun; a word for a condition of noise being present.