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Since the rules for determining the date of Thanksgiving in the U.S. were changed in 1941, the latest possible date for Thanksgiving is November 28. Currently, the earliest possible date for the first day of Hanukkah is November 28. However, the first day of Hanukkah never again falls on November 28 after 2146, and it never again falls on Thursday, November 28 after 2013. The only other time the first day of Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving Day was on Thursday, November 29, 1888!

The first day of Hanukkah will be the day after Thanksgiving in 2070.


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Hanukkah goes according to the Hebrew calendar and can occur at any time in late November or the month of December. Thanksgiving is in late November.

They never happen at the same time. The latest Diwal can start is mid November. The absolute earliest date Hanukkah can start is the last few days of november, but 90% of the time, it starts in December. A calendar of Diwali dates shows that it won't even be close to Hanukkah (with two weeks of each other) for at least the next 50 years.

You reply the same: Hag Hanukkah Sameakh

Hanukkah. It's the same thing in German. The person you are talking to might not know what Hanukkah is though.

Thanksgiving always falls on the 4th Thursday in November. Every time the 26th is the 4th Thursday in November, then Thanksgiving and your birthday will fall on the same Thursday.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and Hanukkah commemorates the Maccabean war of 165 BCE. The two holidays are completely different and unrelated. They just happen to fall within the same month.

The laws of keeping kosher are the same during Hanukkah as the rest of the year. See also:Keeping kosherWhat do Jews eat in Hanukkah?More about Hanukkah

Thanksgiving, the same as it is called in the US.

You shouldn't. Hanukkah and Christmas are no necessarily on the same day, so it would be inappropriate to wish someone a happy Hanukkah on December 25, if that day isn't during of Hanukkah. A better idea would be to look on a calendar to see when Hanukkah falls, then then wish your Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah on Hanukkah.

Christmas and Hanukkah are not the same holiday. Christmas is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday. Hanukkah is the Festival of Dedication that celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Non-Jewish Hispanic people don't celebrate Hanukkah. If you are a Hispanic Jew, you would celebrate Hanukkah the same as other Jews worldwide.

Hanukkah is a holiday. Not a language. During Hanukkah you would say "hello" the same as on a regular day. You can also greet people by saying "Happy Hanukkah".

Only the Jews celebrate Hanukkah, whether they live in Rome or elsewhere. The main observances of Hanukkah, such as its prayers and the lighting of the candles, are the same everywhere.

The same as Jews everywhere.

Jews in Latin America celebrate Hanukkah in much the same way as Jews around the world. They tell each other 'Feliz Hanukkah', light a menorah, and distribute gifts the same as anywhere else.

No, Thanksgiving doesn't always fall on the same date every year, just like Easter.

No. The Day of Atonement, which is Yom Kippur, is about two and a half months before the beginning of Hanukkah.

Pretty much the same as today: lighting the Hanukkah-menorah and saying the appropriate blessings and prayers.

The spelling is the same in any case, THANKSGIVING.

Earthquakes and volcanoes often happen in the same place because they can both be triggered by loose tectonic plates.

Twice a day. Same as high tides.

No. Hanukkah comes out according to the Hebrew calendar, not the Western (Gregorian) one. Hanukkah was founded over 150 years before the onset of Christianity.

Yes, just alternate spellings.

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