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How often do female dogs have their cylce?

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usually every 6 months

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How often do female dogs get their period?

female dogs get their period every 6 months.

Can female dogs have puppies from different male dogs?

Yes and often do.

How often can female dogs come in heat?

Every 6 months.

How often are female dogs in heat?

Twice a year for 9-10 days.

At what age do female dogs get prgnant?

at what ages do female dogs get their period? at what ages do female dogs get their period? at what ages do female dogs get their period?

Do female dogs get along better with female dogs or male dogs better?

female dogs get along better with male dogs Male dogs.

How do make dogs behave around pregnant female dogs?

Often, a male dog is protective of the pregnant female dog, usually if he is the "mate." Sometimes dogs, mates of the pregnant dog or not, will act aggressivley towards the female dog, also known as the "bitch."

How often do female dogs come in heat?

Usually once every six months.

Why do female dogs hump each other?

Female dogs tend to hump every once in a while. This is due simplistically to boredom. Often the biggest dog will assume the role of the female while the smaller one humps.

Does a pug dog have to have a period to get pregnant?

All female dogs, unless they are spayed, will have a period. Sometimes its not as noticable as others, and it may not come as often as human periods, but female dogs get them, as do humans.

How often do dogs have period?

Female dogs go into heat usually once a year. Sometimes they can go twice, in the fall and spring.

Can female dogs be gay?

No, female dogs can not be gay

Was Picasso gay?

No, but he was into dogs. Only female dogs so he was not gay by any stretch. Dogs have shorter lives so he had to change "partners" every so often.

What does grinding mean in female dogs?

Grinding, or humping in male and female dogs is often more of a way to show dominance rather than being sexual in nature. If you female is humping people or other dogs, she's saying ' hey, I'm the alpha over you, you better submit to me'

How come a female dog tries to humps the female owner?

Female dogs will also hump other female dogs, or anything else. Male to male also. Dog humping is not always a sexual thing. It is often a symbol of dominance, thus why you may see a dog hump another dogs face while playing.

Why do female dogs kill other dogs?

Its not just female dogs....... they kill the dogs cuz they are protecting their puppies!

How often do female dog's go in to heat?

female dogs go into heat once or twice a yr usually six to 12 months apart

How often do female dogs come into heat?

Once every six months for two weeks on average.

How often does a female dog have a heat cycle?

Most dogs repeat their cycle about every 6 months.

How often do female dogs go into heat?

Once every six months for two weeks on average.

Will males dogs always fight?

No, male dogs will often play and run with each other. Fighting between male dogs will usually occur when they are in competition for the same female in heat.

How often do pug dogs come in heat?

Female Dogs of most breeds will come into season on average twice a year, or every six to eight months.

How can male dogs tell if a female dog is in heat?

Female dogs produce pheromones to attract male dogs.

How often are Dalmatian dogs in heat?

most female goes go into heat every 7-8 months

How often can dogs mate?

A female dog can mate with three males a year,and have puppies that resemble each father.