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If the engine has a timing belt, it should be changed around the 150K mark.

If there is a timing chain, it does not have to be changed unless it is damaged.

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Q: How often do you have to change the timing chain on a 4-cylinder 2.4 liter Toyota?
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When can you replace timing belt on 2004 Toyota Highlander 4cylinder?

You don't as it has a chain not a belt.

Is there a video on replacing the timing chain on a 2003 Toyota tacoma 4cylinder?

No . Have some mechanical assistant

When do you change the timing chain in a 2003 Toyota 4 runner?

when do you change timing chain on 2003 Toyota 4-runner?

Does the 2011 Toyota Tacoma have a timing belt or chain?

The 2.7 liter 4cylinder and the 4.0 liter V6 engines in a 2011 Toyota Tacoma have timing CHAINS

Do you have to change a timing chain on 04 Toyota Camry?

Usually people change the timing chain after 200K mikes.

Does Toyota highlander hybrid have a timing belt change?

I have a 2006 Toyota highlander hybrid, do I need to change timing belt or chain?

What mileage is prefer to change the timing belt for a toyota matrix?

You don't change it. The Toyota Matrix has a timing chain that will last the life of the engine.

How do you change both belts on Toyota Echo?

Toyota Echos have a timing chain rather than a timing belt so there is no need to change it.

Does 2000 4cylinder grand am have a timing chain or timing belt?

The 2.4 liter four cylinder engine in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am has a timing CHAIN

How much would it cost to replace a timing chain on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma?

The 1996 Toyota Tacoma does not have a timing chain. It has a timing belt. It will cost approximately $600 to change the timing belt.

Does a Toyota Tundra have a timing belt or a timing chain?

Timing belt. Recommended 90,000 mile change.

Does a Toyota tundra have a timing belt or timing chain?

Timing belt. Recommended 90,000 mile change.

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