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cambelt should be changed at 70,000 miles , i was quoted £360 at Renault main dealer for cambelt change only , but had cambelt plus water pump changed for £357 at an independent garage.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:40:28
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Q: How often does a cambelt on a 2001 1.6 Renault Clio have to be changed and how much should I expect to pay?
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When do you change the timing belt for a Renault megane 1598cc 16v petrol?

60.000 miles should change cambelt.

Peugeot partner 2.0 hdi when should cambelt be changed?

before it breaks.

How much does a cam belt for a Renault megane cost?

When owning a car, the owner should be aware of the cost of its parts. The Renault Megane Cambelt cost can range from $100 to $350.

How long will a Toyota townace cambelt last after the cambelt light comes on?

The cambelt should be changed every 100,000 miles on a Toyota Townace. If the light is on that is signifying that there may be something wrong with it so it should be checked as soon as possible.

When should the cambelt be changed on a vauxhall combo 1700 16v 1.3 cdti?

is it 1700 or 1.3?

When should a cambelt be changed on a Volkswagen Passat 2002?

cam belt should be changed at 50,000 miles and not a mile more. cam belt brakage on this engine is very expensive.

How do you know when your 1996 Ford Fiesta needs the cambelt or timing belt changed?

It should be changed every 60,000 miles. I am not sure if it is an interference engine or not.

What millage should a cambelt from a Toyota corolla t-sport 2002 be changed?

100,000 Miles is stated in the service book

When should the cambelt be changed on a fabia diesel 1400?

Not sure but I know normally 100,000 kms not sure in miles sorry

Does Kia Sedona have cambelt or timing chain?

yes it has a cambelt, and should be changed every 60,000mls. 4/27/2011 - answer 2005 models and earlier had a timing belt. 2006 models and newer have a timing chain.

When should 1.8 petrol Ford Focus zetec engine cambelt be changed?

About 50,000 miles is recommended for ALL serpentine belts.

After how many Km should the cambelt of a Scenic 16 TRE be changed?

This information is listed in your owner's manual. Don't have one then call your dealer and order one. According to the Renault service book every 72000 miles but I would replace it before this as if it snapped the repairs to the engine could cost up to

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