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It depends, a volcano can erupt once and never erupt again. Or, a volcano can erupt multiple times a day.


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A volcano that is dormant cannot explode, while a active volcano is most likely to explode.

the volcano will explode tomorrrow .

No. While eruptions can be explosive, they often are not. Many volcanoes will pour out lava relatively gently.

Mount Everest would not explode, it is not a volcano.

I want to see a volcano explode.

when people say "dead volcano" they mean a volcano that is not active, or won't explode.

because it was active and when their active they can explode any time when active

Because people put in baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring in the volcano. The baking soda and vinegar makes it explode

No cause it's only smoking but maybe it's going to explode;()

It will plug up the volcano, which will usually keep the volcano from erupting for about 100 years. However, after that, the entire volcano itself will explode.

There is no time for this It just happens!

A thing in the middle and top of a volcano that makes it explode

if you bomb up a volcano it would wake up fast and explode it might go far shooting a crater but if you just throw a bomb it will just explode!

Lava and rock explode out of the volcano then lava pours down the volcano covering the land then turning into rock making the volcano bigger.

Not usually. It is more common for a volcano to erupt explosively and later extrude gas-depleted lava. That being said, lava domes can sometimes explode.

when you say that somebody is a volcano ready to explode they really mean that that person is really mad and cant hold it on any more

An earthquake in the plates underneath Mt Vesuvius caused the volcano to become unstable, resulting in the eruption

Volcanoes explode out of openings in the earth where lava bursts through. Typically the volcanoes are assumed to erupt from the top, or peek. However, it is common for a volcano to also erupt from the side of the cone shaped volcano.

Baking soda and white vinegar.

no. due to the heat it would explode/shatter...

the volcanoe does nothing, i dont think it will explode. :-(

Volcanoes explode or erupt when pressure from in the earth reaches a point when it can't be held, therefore spewing magma into the air.

For starters, Pompeii is the name of the town that was covered by the debris of the volcano. Mount Vesuvius, the volcano, erupted in 79 CE.

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