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How often does the crank sensor in a tiburon have to be replaced?

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Mine went at 38,000 miles, seems to be a commonly replaced part.

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Why would crank sensor work after pouring water on it?

Sensor failure is often heat related , when crank sensors first start to go out they often have an intermittent failure when the engine is at full operating temperature. You are cooling the sensor with water.

How often should you change crank sensor?

You only need to change it if it has failed. There is no other reason.

How often does a O2 sensor need to be replaced on a Toyota Highlander 6 cylinder?

When the computer throws the code that you need to change the sensor.

Why does the speedometer constantly stop working on the 1997 rodeo if the sensor has been replaced?

Has just the sensor been replaced or the plastic drive gear in the trans as well The drive gear often wears uneven causing the speedo to go inop

Why would the Drive Indicator on your 2004 Pilot Flash?

It has to do with the transmission. More often than not it's the pressure sensor #4 that needs to be replaced (~ $250 parts and labor) and not the entire transmission. Make sure it's the #4 sensor and not #3 sensor that needs to be replaced - even the pros at the dealerships make this mistake.

Why won't my 94 jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo start?

A sensor could be the reason why a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo fails to start. The crank position sensor is often the problem. You can try unplugging the sensor for several minutes and then plugging it back in to see if that fixes the problem.

Where is the crank sensor for a 92 Mitsubishi diamante?

You'll need to take the harmonic balancer off and remove the timing cover to see it. Often you need to remove the timing belt to get it out.

You have a 97 Pontiac grand prix 3800 is not getting fuel or power to the pump replaced pump checked relay fuses Should you see power at the pump with a test light?

if after replacing fuel pump and still not getting power to the pump, check the crank sensor, this may have gone bad and quite often can be the problem.

1992 old cutlass supreme v6 3.1 stalls out after little running and won't restart for awhile replaced IACV crank position sensor and air filter any more suggestions?

Check the backpressure on your exhaust system. Often, when the catalytic converter fails it can produce this symptom. A local muffler shop may do the check for you for free.

What is the meaning of the slang word 'crank'?

According to, "crank" is slang for "a low purity, crystallized Methamphetamine that is administered in a powder form." The drug received the nickname "crank," because it was often smuggled in the crank cases of vehicles.

Why would Mercedes SLK230 suddenly start missing?

Often the MAF sensor needs replacing, or possibly the coil packs, leads, spark plugs, K40 relay board (re-solder or replace), oil contaminated wiring, O2 sensor or crank angle sensor, disintegrated vacuum hoses, loose hoses, other.

What are the signs of a bad crank sensor?

I had this problem repaired today on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The signs I had were: 1. Jeep was running fine, Parked it in the garage. 2. The next morning it would crank fine but would not start at all. - As my fuel was low at the time I assumed I was out of fuel but after filling it that proved not to be the problem. - In the years I have had the jeep it often takes two attempts to start the vehicle. That symptom seemed to come and go and I cannot directly attribute that to the Crank sensor problem but, it may be of use as background information.

How often should o2 sensors be replaced?

They are replaced when they go bad.

What parts on an air conditioner need to be replaced often?

The filters are what needs to be replaced most often on the air conditioning units.

What could stop your 96 Jeep Cherokee Sport from starting?

Normally the fuel pump or the crank position sensor on this year. The quickest fix would be the crank sensor at a cost of around $50. 2 bolts hold it on to the bell housing. Make sure you take it with you when you buy the new one. The parts house often gives you the wrong one for the 96. If it doesn't look the same, ask them for a 97 model or go to the dealer and get it.

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Why is the Orange warning light on Vauxhall vectra?

guess it is the engine management light , has a box shaped like an engine on it, it means the computer has found something faulty in the engine , often it is the camshaft sensor that's broken , they don't last very long i think, can be crank sensor too, or airflow sensors. and other things.

Does the spare tire on the 2010 Toyota Highlander have a sensor?

Yes, if the vehicle came equipped wiht that option, unless the original spare tire was removed and replaced - or - the sensor was damaged or removed from the wheel. When the low air pressure alarm goes off it is THAT tire that is most often overlooked.

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