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How often should a child have a swine flu vaccination?

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2011-09-18 00:51:12

Only one vaccination (for each type of flu) is needed as long as

the virus does not mutate. They will have lifetime immunity* to the

exact same virus in the vaccine after one immunization. If the

virus mutates into a new form, then they will need a new

vaccination for the new virus.

However, if your question is more about how many shots they need

to create the initial immunity, then children under 10 need a

series of two vaccinations. The second one is given approximately

one month after the first and then in 3 - 4 weeks after the second

one, they will have produced immunity for life to that exact virus

strain and sometimes to very similar ones.

*Some vaccines eventually lose their ability to protect over

time and that is a good reason to get a flu shot each year to be

sure your protection is still working.

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