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At least 3 times a week.

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You can do zumba fitness and be dancing and it will considered an aerobic exercise bec ause you are working different parts of your body

Most fitness experts agree that well-balanced exercise routines contain both aerobic exercise and strength training. The question which is often asked is which should be completed first? This depends greatly on the individual and their desired outcome from the routines, since whatever is done at the beginning will receive the most energy and focus. If large muscles is what is wanted, strength training would come first. If a healthier cardiovascular system is the main focus, aerobic exercise would come first. Either way, the exercise routines will complement each other.

yes it is its, and its cardio exercise as well, its the best aerobic training that can be done anywhere and everywhere during free time or every break even at work or school...

yes It can be anaerobic or aerobic. Anaerobic is done with a higher % of your max with fewer reps. Aerobic is done with a lower % but more reps to promote Muscle endurance as oppose to muscle strength and power.

Swimming is the main aerobic exercise done in water. Many people disagree with swimming as a form of fitness improving/fat burning exercise, when the truth is it is very effective. Exercise intensity is measured through oxygen consumption, and this is a requirement in swimming. Waterpolo is another sport which requires high fitness, however this is broken down into muscular fitness when treading water and rapidly stretching for the ball, and aerobic fitness for swimming into spaces or towards the ball.

You should exercise at least one hour a day.

This depends on a number of factors such as what exercise is done, the length of time the exercise is done, the person's individual body size, etc.

active excercise is done daily, passive is not done as it should be or not done at all.

Do not eat before exercise, take an antacid before exercise but more importantly, you should speak to your Doctor about this.

a testicular exam should be done once a month

Many books and dvd's are available.It's more common for them to come with DVD's.

I heard that you should have ducts cleaned but I don't know how often. How often should furnace duct cleaning be done and how much does it cost?

Yes, several. Anaerobic exercises are best when you hold your breath. Aerobic weightlifters should exhale as they push through the range of motion, and inhale as they reset; if they pause before changing directions, the inhale can be done at the rest, and another exhale during the reset. Aerobic cardiovascular exercise (jogging, etc) should have a deep, rhythmic breathing pattern.

Aerobic sports are sports that are done in the water, for example swimming and aerobic gymnastics. Sports like basketball, netball and golf are not aerobic sports.

Altering your diet to lowfat foods and aerobic exercise is the only proven safe way to reduce fat. Crunches and strenghth training will also contribute if done is association with the change in diet and other exercise.

This is exercise done in the water.

Vigorous exercise should not be done for the first three to five days.

It depends upon how much you have taken in meal and how hard exercise you want to do. If you have had light meal and want to do heavy exercise than you should wait till one or two hour and if you have taken heavy meal than you should wait for two and half or three hour than you should do exercise.

you can do the exercise when ever you wish. Preferably after a shower

Asthma affects pulmonary (lung) function which in turn affects cardiac function. Reduced cardiac output is one of the more serious aspects of a severe acute asthma attack. This will result in an elevated pulse even without exercise. Exercise for asthmatics should be done after a medical evaluation and commenced in stages. Do not rush out and commence a high energy aerobic workout. Gradual development of exercise tolerance should be a goal for all "active" asthmatics.

You should get it done every 15,000-30,000 miles.

Students should have homework at least once a week so that can teach them to be organised and to get the job done. And if they don't have it done there should be a penalty.

ANSWER: It's not "how far", it's how long. Aerobic exercise is any sustained, rhythmic activity done for a period of 15 minutes or longer while maintaining 65 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, according to Cornell's Health Services. Therefore, running, even for 15 minutes, is aerobic as long as you keep your heart rate at this point.

Pools should be cleaned out in many different ways which makes how often this should be done to vary. The skimmer should be cleaned out daily. Vacuuming the pool should be done once a week but it can be done every two weeks if the time is not available to do so. The pump should be cleaned twice a season (this should be done throughly). Cleaning will be less necessary if the cover is kept on the pool consistently too.