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How often should you change the belts on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze?



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I'm not sure on the timing belt, but before 140,000 KM (100,000 MI)is a safe bet. As far as acessory belts, there is no recommended interval, but they should be changed if they are noisy or if recommended by your technician.


I'm not sure of the timing belt interval, but if it was mine I would do it at 60,000. Serpentine belts should bechanged if there are any cracks going parallel to the belt edges, or if the belts has cracks in the belt perpendicular to edges so that pieces are starting to come off. Perpendicular cracks are normal, unless pieces are starting to come off. If a technician recommends a belt, ask why. If it does not fit this criteria, you probably don't need one. With the exception of oil or coolant contamination. If there is noise from it and that bothers you, then change it. If you get cornered into getting it changed, ask to see it. If it didn't fall into the above situations, I empower you to use it as tourniquet and wrap it around his neck for selling you something you didn't need.


I am sure of the recommended interval; it is 105k miles. Wisdom: be sure to change water pump and tensioner at said interval.