How often should you drain an inground swimming pool if it is kept running year round?

If the pool is kept in pristine condition throughout the year, you should never have to drain it. If you do want to drain it, drain it every ten years or so. (You run a risk of damaging your pool by draining it.)

A: Not all the above answer is exactly correct. Through evaporation and refilling the pool you accumulate minerals that cannot be filtered out. Another factor is that of your water make up or fill water. If it is hard water that may didctate just how often you pool is drained. SO, on the average, lets say, in California, you may drain your pool about every 8 to ten years. A clue on when to drain is - when you start to have a very difficult time trying to balance the chemistry including the chlorine then it is time to think about draining and refilling the pool.

The only risk is if you drain or try to drain a pool after prolong rains or is you are aware of how high the "water table" is in your area. In order to get that info you may have to call your water district and ask them. "high water tables" make draining a pool a dicy situation. The result of an empty pool during these conditions is usually a pool that will float out of the ground. It will act like a bath tub or a boat ...even if it is made out of steal reinforced cement.

Improved answer: The 2nd answer up there is actually more correct that the first. You do definitely need to drain your pool at some point. We in the pool industry recommend every 5-7 years. That's only because in that amount of time the water does get too complex and the chemicals stop working. The chemicals will register that they are present but they ARE NOT WORKING. I tell my customers to think of it this way, think of all the chemicals added to the pool over the years, add on all the people scum, urine, pets, dead animals all the dirty things that can end up in your pool. Do you want to swim in that after more than 7 years? No that's gross, and your water will be gross, it needs to be drained every 5-7 years. It doesn't harm your pool to drain it. To leave it drained yes then your pool will be ruined. Remember to watch the water table or amount of moisture in the ground because the chance of a pop out is much greater. If you have questions about these things contact a local pool contractor or company. Not a retail location because their main focus is to sell, not service.