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Do not unless the manufacturer recommends.

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How do you use Zmax oil additive?

Don't. Add no oil additives to your engine. If oil additives were really that good, the oil companys would put them in their own oil.

How do you use oil additives?

You don't. Add not additives to your oil. If additives worked the manufactures would add them to the oil and recommend you also do so.

One way to reduce friction in a car engine is to add?

Change the engine oil and filter on a regular basis as required with a quality oil. No need for additives, if the additives were any good the auto manufacturers would recommend it.

Is it safe to add marvel mystery oil to the engine?

I'm not one for additives but if you follow directions on the container it should be safe.

What are three oil additives and state the purpose each of a vee engine?

Oil additives are something I do not recommend you use. The purpose of these additives is to rid you of your money while doing nothing for your engine.

Do car additives really work?

If additives are so great why doesn't the vehicle's manufacturer add them from the start?

Do oil additives release friction on a car part?

No, they do not release friction they reduce it. Some friction will always remain in the common modern internal combustion automotive engine. Engine oil additives actually reduce the amount of friction that can be very intense and harmful to a engine, especially when starting from cold. Chemical polymers and agents that make up the engine oil additives are designed and engineered to add a level of extra protection to the standard engine oil. However, a good name brand engine oil, installed into your vehicle with proper weight and viscosity and proper oil manufacturer recommended additives -which are already in motor oil from the manufacturer - is all that is needed. No other additives should be used unless the automobile manufacturer has suggested it's use.

Are there additives to enhance my car's performance?

You can always try fuel additives to clean out the gunk in your car's engine.

Is there any gas treatment I can add for lead fuels to get better performance?

There are many fuel additives that you can use that will help your car burn less oil. Using high grade additives can help treat friction in your engine at the the actual source.

Why do the manufacturers add additives and preservatives in the processed products?

What the fudge.

Does salt have additives?

Pure salt is NaCl. No additives. However, table salt often has an anti-caking agent added to prevent the salt from clumping. Sea salt naturally has other minerals in it such as potassium and magnesium. Some countries add Iodine.

What are other causes for ADD besides genetics?

food additives sugar

What are the bad disadvantages of food additives in out diet?

Disease can be caused by consuming too many food additives. Food additives add water weight gain in the body. They also excite the nerves and cause continuous cravings.

What are the functions of food additives?

Additives are sometimes in food in order to add more nutrients. They are also for making the product last longer, or look better on the shelves.

What is the correct engine oil weight for a 351 Cleveland engine?

mobile 1 and never use and other additives

Why are food additives used?

food additives are used to improve the appearance of the food, quite often the case with fruits. <><><> Additives may also be used to delay spoilage of food, improve taste and texture.

How do you add engine sealant to an engine?

add it to the oil.

Leaded unleaded fuel does a v8 5.7 liter engine use?

Many people will modify the engine by adding hardened valve seats to compensate for the lack of lead in the gas. Lead additives are also sold to add to gasoline for use in classic cars.

Can you add additives to the gas of an Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Yes...water works really well

Can you put water in the coolant part of your 1992 Lexus?

In an emergency situation you can add water. But coolant contains anti-corrosive additives that prevent rust. Leaving plain water in your engine will eventually destroy it

Why do manufactures add a additives and preservative in process food?

Well, additives are used to enhance the appearance and sometimes flavour of the food, whereas preservatives are used to increase the shelf-life of the product.

How do you manufacture polyester putty?

use a good putty grade resin, add fillers like talc etc , add byk additives & you are done.

Why are gasoline additives safer than lead?

lead leaves heavy deposits inside your engine stunting performance and engine life AND it raies emissions

How many carbs are in a cup of coffee?

Coffee is calorie and carbohydrate free. You have to be careful about what you add to it. As soon as you add sugar or milk you are adding as many carbs as your additives have.

Why are food additives put into food?

Food additives are put in foods for many reasons. Some are: to flavor the food, to make it more appealing, to preserve it and make it last longer, to add color to the food, etc.