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Many spent the whole of the war in one theatre. A rota system or 'tours of duty' wasn't practical.


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They provided nursing care to sick and wounded service personnel.

honoring all service personnel who served during WW2.....

About 17.86 million Americans were in the service at some time during WWII.

135,576 American military personnel were KIA in Europe between D-Day & V-E Day. (this figure is for the European theater of operations All which correspond to all of Europe, Mediterranean theater is excluded)

What is Americas greatest contribution to world theater

WACs were female reseve service personnel who helped do soldiers work so they could fight also WAVEs

No, there is not a specific list of the hundreds of thousands of sailors that served in the Pacific Theater. Information may be obtained through the military and the National Archives. Link provided but you must be the veteran or the next of kin. evetrecs will not accept application 180 without exact service number and exact date of discharge [ss# unacceptable] from next of kin[son]

There was about 9.7 million military personnel killed in world war one.

It was a world war because it involved all the worlds superpowers and was fought throughout the world eg. Western and Eastern European theater, North African theater, Pacific theater etc.

World War 2 had the highes death count of seventy one million deaths. This includes the totals from both the Pacific Theater and the European Theater of the war. It is considered there may have been more because there were many unrecorded deaths of both civilian and military personnel.

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

There were good Germans, Japanese, and Italians. Largely consisting of medical personnel, religious personnel, and conscripted men (drafted for military service) who didn't want a war, but were ordered into the military (conscription) by their governments.

Uhhhh i believe it's the theater in epidaurus

You are thinking of the Pacific Theater or PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations). It is the U.S. versing the Japanese.

It indicates the veteran was awarded the Europe-Africa-Middle East Theater (EAMET) Campaign Medal. The medal was awarded for any service performed between December 7, 1941 and March 2, 1946 provided such service was performed in the geographical theater areas of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.

The two most fought theaters in World War 2 were: -European Theater -Pacific Theater Also, the Russian Theater is probley third.

No. In modern language use we differentiate with terms like Airman or Sailor or Soldier or Marine and the whole world is expected to know the difference.

There is USM personnel all over the world, not just Germany. We have military all over the world to protect us against conflicts and uprising.

Defion Internacional is a Personnel Services Company based in Lima, Peru (with offices in Dubai, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Iraq) that recruits and trains security personnel, logistics personnel, administrative personnel and professional services personnel to provide world wide services

About 25 Million Military personnel were killed during WW2.

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