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How old do you have to be to get a car loan?

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You still have finance on your car but like a new car how can you do this?

The amount you owe on your old car is added to the loan on the new car,and that finance company is suppose to pay off your old loan.

Can a 17 year old get a car loan for 5000 dollars with out a co-signer?

A 17 year old will not be able to get a car loan for $5,000 dollars without a co-signer. Most banks will not give a 17 year old a loan even with a co-signer.

Can a financed car be used as collateral for a loan?

Since the car is financed, it already is collateral for a loan. Your car loan uses the car as collateral for that loan. I think the only way for you to use the car as collateral for a different loan is to have the NEW lender pay off your car loan, tack the ammount of the car loan on to the new loan you are getting, therefore they would then be the leinholder on the car.

Can you add a previous car loan into a new car loan?

No, it is not possible. Your previous loan must be completed to get a new car loan

Can you get a title loan on a car over 10 years old?

where can I get a title loan in salt lake city Utah if my car is 20 years old but has a new engine, transmission, everything rebuilt, and I have paperwork to prove it.

Where can a 20 year old get a car loan?

Check with your bank or credit union.

How do you get out of your car loan?

You can get out of your car loan by selling the car you have. You can also return the car to the finance company.

How old do you have to be to apply for a car loan? Website gives you all up to date required information you may need when looking to get a auto loan whether it be age or how much something is.

What is the difference in interest between car loan and personal unsecured loan and which is better a car loan or personal loan?

personal loan have a higher interest rate than car loans beacause they are unsecured loans . In car loan the loan is used for only purchase car .In a car loan, the loan is only used to buy a car, but you can use it as personal items in a personal loan. Interest rates start at just 8.50 percent for a car loan, but can rise 16 percent based on one's credit score and credit history. Find out more, please click

Where can you get car cash loans?

To get a loan for a car you have to be at least 18 years old. You will need proof that you have a job, and a little bit of a credit history. The loan officer at the bank can tell you more.

Is it possible to trade in a car and buy a new one even if you are still paying off a loan for the original car?

Yes. You have to make certain the dealership you're working with for the purchase of the new car is covering the entire amount owed on the old car. Also, whoever is doing your financing should give you a check made out to you and the lienholder of the old car so that loan can be paid off. If you do not do this, it is possible for the bank of the old car to come back to you and sue you for the loan balance. Keep copies of everything in a safe place. sunnyraye

How do you get out of a used car loan?

To get out of a used car loan, pay off the loan or find someone else who will do that.

Can I get out of a car loan if I did not buy the car?

If you did not buy the car it depends on the creditor. Some will void out the loan, others will not. If they do not void it then you have all the money from the loan... so you can pay the loan in full immediately. I think it is not very good to get a car loan if you didn't buy he car. it is just my opinion!

Can a 20 year old get a car loan?

Yes, once you reach the age of majority, usually 18, you can signa contract and obtain a loan.

What if the title holder is the bank and they don't want the car back because it's to old what can you do?

You have two recourses (choices):Keep the car and pay the loan.Sell the car and pay the loan.If you fail to do the second half of either choice, the choice may be taken from you and you will pay the loan regardless.

Can a loan company take a newly financed car in your name as collateral toward the balance of a loan for a car that was repossessed a few years ago?

Nelson, they would have a couple of real goofy options.1. they could refinance the new car and include the balance of the old loan for a HUGE total.2. they could be the SECOND leinholder on the new car somehow. I guess they would have to loan you money to pay the old balance and take the new car as collateral.Neither of these options look realistic, but who knows??

Where can I get a Guaranteed Car Loan in Omaha, NE?

SBA Loan Omaha ,NE .Here you can get a guaranteed Car Loan

Can you roll the balance of a carloan into a new car loan?

No, it most cases you cannot roll the balance of an existing car loan into a new car loan.

What information does the car loan calculator Canada give?

Car loan calculator Canada can calculate ones car loan payments. One has to enter his/her price, down payment, trade-in value and rate into the Canada car loan calculator and the calculator will calculate ones car loan payments.

Can you have a car loan and a home loan?


What should you do when the lien holder sent you a clear title and you still owe on the vehicle?

Just keep paying your car loan.Just keep paying your car loan.Just keep paying your car loan.Just keep paying your car loan.

What happens if you Car title loan in default and car is totaled?

Typically you need a car with insurance to get a title loan. If your car is totaled, the loan company are entitled to that money since they hold the title for your car.

What is a title loan?

'Title Loan' is a loan you will be getting of having a car loan on your on name.

What is easier to pay car loan or bank loan?

bank loan

What happens if don't pay the car loan?

If you fail to pay your car loan the bank can repossses your car. It also goes on your credit rating that you defaulted on a loan.