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The cat can be quite young-even a kitten. However the healthier age for a female cat to have kittens is when they are fully mature at the age of two.

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How old does a cat have to be to get another cat pregnant?

A female cat can get pregnant at about one year old. A male cat can impregnate a female at about eight months old. It varies a bit, of course, from one cat to another.

Can a 10 year old cat get pregnant?

can cat get pregant at the 8 years old

Can a six years old cat could get pregnant?

Yes. But a male will have to have sex with the cat to get it pregnant like a real female

Can a Persian cat get pregnant at 6 month old?

yes a cat over about 4 months can potentially become pregnant

How old does a cat have to be to get pregnant safely?

Female cats can get pregnant by three months old, however it would be a good idea to let your cat develop fully as being pregnant will upset the cat's hormones. I would recommend waiting until your cat is nine months to a year old.

Your Bengal cat is nearly 9mnths old and you think she might be pregnant will she be ok?

It is a fairly young age for a cat to be pregnant, but she will be fine.

Can a 5 month-old cat get pregnant?

Yes. Kittens as young as 4 months old can potentially get pregnant.

Your cat is 18 months old can she be pregnant?

If she is not spayed and aloud to roam free then yes!,a cat can become pregnant from the age of 6 months.

What is the oldest age for a cat to get pregnant?

The age of the oldest cat to get pregnate is 15 years old.

Can a 14 week old cat get pregnant?

A 14 week old cat is too young to get pregnant. The average female cat goes into heat for the first time around six-seven months of age, though some could do it as soon as four and a half months. A cat can get pregnant in its first heat cycle.

Can a cat get pregnant at 2 months old?

no it is probably being overfed

Can cat get pregnant at 18 years old?

Yes, but it might kill her.

Can a small male cat get a big cat pregnant?

Defiantly. If by 'small' you mean young, male cats can get a female cat pregnant at about 6 months old, until they die. So what ever the age, the female will get pregnant. Hope his helps !

How old must a cat be before getting pregnant?

Most cats should be at least 12 months old before becoming pregnant.

What do you call a pregnant cat?

A pregnant cat or a queen.

Can a cat get pregnant at four months old?

Yes, it is not impossible for a cat to become pregnant at four months old. However, it is best to spay a cat if she has her first season at such a young age, as she is just a kitten herself. It would be incredibly dangerous (and possibly fatal) for her and any unborn kittens if she were allowed to get pregnant.

How old does a cat have to be to be pregnant?

At least 2 years old , to older she gets the better mother she will be .

Can cat get pregnant with out a husband?

A female cat requires a male mate in order to become pregnant. And it is possible for each kitten in the mother cat's womb to have a different father.

4 month year old cat can he get a female cat pregnant?

only if its a boy. not if its a girl. but ya it can if its a boy

How old can a boy cat be to get a female pregnant?

A male cat is capable of impregnating at 5-8 months of age

Can a old cat female cat get pregnant?

Yes, its very unusal, but they can. It depends on whether they have reached their manopours yet or not? they can die at birth though for being at an old age so be careful with your cat.

When the cat is pregnant do they pere?

Yes, I've have had a cat that purred while she was pregnant.

How do you know how long a cat has been pregnant?

A cat is pregnant for about 65 days

Can a parent get a restraining order on an eighteen year old who is pregnant by their sixteen year old son?

who do you want the restraining order on? The girl your son got pregnant? Yes you can.

What is a pregnant cat called?

A pregnant cat is called a Queen, and a cat that is feeding a litter is called a nursing Queen.

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