How old is 619 from WWE?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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if by 619 you mean Rey Mysterio's finish move I think Rey created that move around 2004

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Q: How old is 619 from WWE?
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Why does Rey Mysterio does the 619 in the ring on WWE?

The 619 is Rey Mysterio's finishing move.

What is WWE Rey Mysterio's old theme song?

1st Theme : (619) 2nd Theme : Booyaka 619 by Mad One 3rd: buniya Guerrero la dicionario ( Eddie Guerrero's old theme tune)

What is the worst finisher in WWE?

well, i think the worst finisher in wwe is the is fake !!!!!!!

What is WWE's most devastating finisher?

Tombstone Piledriver and 619

What was rey mysterios 1st WWE theme song?


Has Jeff hardy renturned to WWE 2010?

wai do rey masteryo do 619

What is rey mysterio's WWE theme song?

i think it's 619 from P.O.D

Which is most dangerous finishing move in WWE?

airbourne 619 kill switch

What does 619 mean in WWE?

619 is the name of rey mysterio's finisher. 619 is the area code of california rey mysterios home state

What is rey mesterio's nickname?

Rey Mysterio is the small Mexican guy in the WWE that has the signature move called 619.

In WWE where does Rey Mysterio lives?

Rey Mysterio resides in San Diego, California. "The 619" is the name of his signature move because 619 is the area code of San Diego.

Who is the strongest wrestler on WWE?

i am going with john cena. he is way to better than 619,batista,and undertaker