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How old is WWE superstar Rey Mysterio?


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Answered 2020-12-03 01:28:57

His birthday is December 11, 1974, so he's 45 as of December 02, 2020.


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rey mysterio is 40 in 2011 by suhel miah!

He is 37 years old now (He was born on Dec 11th 1974)

Rey Mysterio Was Born 11 December 1974 .... Making Him 35

34 he turns 35 in December 11

His debut was in 2002. He was 27 years old at that time

He was born December 11, 1974 making him 36

Rey Mysterio was born on 11th December 1974. As of April 2013 he is 38 years old. Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular WWE superstars of the latin decent. He was out for a long time due to a knee injury and returned to WWE television last week on RAW

It really depends on how good you are, Rey Mysterio joined at age 16

rey mysterio 27 years old single and needs a girlfrend do you know how i know because i do ok

Rey Mysterio was born on December 11,1974 and is 36 years old.

Rey Mysterio-37 Sin Cara-29

Rey Mysterio Jnr. is 37 years old.As of 2011.

US wrestler Óscar Gutiérrez aka Rey Mysterio is 43 years old (birthdate: December 11, 1974).

Rey Mysterio was born on 11th December 1974. As of Nov 2013 he is 38 years old. Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular WWE superstars of the latin decent. Currently he is injured and is rehabbing his knee injury. He is expected to be back very soon.

Well if u really wanna now rey mysterio is 36 6 years older than Justin Gabriel and 5 years older than Wade Barrett :) oh and Kelly Kelly is 24

Depends on which superstar are you on about not all wwe superstars have the same age

none they all started in wwe Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit all started originally from Old ECW then moved on to WCW then made there way to WWE

Because Rey Mysterio has been wrestling professionally since he was 14 years old and was trained by a legend, his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr., he's been putting in hard work for years.

Rey Mysterio entrance theme song is Booyaka 619 by P.O.D.His old theme song is called 619

according to wikipedia 34 he is 31

Rey Mysterio will be 38 years old this year; he was born on December 11th, 1974.*As of 2012

No, he is sidelined from multiple old injuries that are bothering him. Actually, he's healing from 2 injuries he suffered in a match against Rey Mysterio on SmackDown.

superstar edge and wrestler edge is 30 years old

Rey Mysterio made his debut in Mexico on April 30, 1989 when he was only 14 years old. He was trained by his uncle Rey Mysterio and wrestled early on in Mexico where he learned the " Lucha Libre " high flying style that has been his trademark. He had ring names such as " La Lagartija Verde ( The Green Lizard ) " and " Colibrí " before his uncle gave him the name of Rey Misterio, Jr. / Rey Mysterio, Jr.

The Miz is 30 years old

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