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Answer I agree that you should tame then when they are just weaned because when you take them out at birth they have to be fed every 2 hours by you which takes up alot of your timeIf you mean have it as a pet, than 4 months, but as a breeder, you can handle from the moment the mom lets you. Dpn't quote me on that though. ask experts. AnswerIt is best to handle a cockatiel when it is weaned (can live and feed on its own). Otherwise, before that, it is slightly too young for any training. But if you just want to raise it, you can start whenever. If the cockatiel is too old, it most probably has picked up both good and bad habits. When it is (just) weaned, it is still free from any habits and at the same time, not too young to train. Answersince it is born AnswerThey can' be handled as soon as they are hatched, even to hand feeding them, it will help them bond with people


I've got 3 chicks now. Handle them as soon as the parents let you. I change the nest box every day and interact with them, hold them and talk to them. Although I let the parents feedthem , they have gotten used of being handled and interacting with me. Love them...Good luck.

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Q: How old should a cockatiel be before you handle it?
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What age can your cockatiel can become a father?

Your cockatiels should be at least a year old before you start breeding them to prevent ill offspring.

Is it OK to have a cockatiel in your house with a 3 year old?

It's not recommended to have a cockatiel in your house with a child who's age is less than 5. Maybe you should wait a few more years.

How old do baby dwarf hamsters have to be until handling?

So old they aren't technically babies anymore. You should never handle them before they're weaned.

Does a old macaw cage make a good cockatiel cage?

The spaces between the bars are probably too wide for a cockatiel. It would be able to get through them.

Will the parent cockatiel have anything to do with the young cockatiel if i touch the young cockatiel?

the parent cockatiels will protect their youngster no matter what is in their way they will even die to protect their baby[s] It is inadvisable to touch a very young cockatiel. Sometimes the parent bird will reject the young chick if it has been touched by humans. Wait until the bird is a young fledgling, as this is a safer time.

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How can you tell how old is my conure?

Cockatiel's are very difficult to age. You can only be accurate about their age if you've had the bird from a baby. The only way a cockatiel can be aged is as a juvenile, adult or senior.

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If your budgie is ten years in human years how old is it in bird years?

if a cockatiel is 18 in human years, how old is it in bird years?

How do you handraise an old cockatiel?

hand raise means you have it from a baby and raise it your self so you can't hand raise a old bird