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Hargraves was born in 1811. He discovered gold in 1851. Therefore he was about 40 years old.

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Q: How old was Edward Hargraves when he found gold?
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How old was Edward Hargraves when he found a piece of gold?

Edward Hargraves was thirty four years old when he claimed he had found gold in Australia on February 12th, 1851. Shortly before his death in 1891 an equiry was made that stated that John Lister and James Tom had discovered the first goldfield in Australia.

How old was edward hargraves when he died?

he was 87 when died

How was Edward Hargraves killed?

Records do not indicate that Edward Hargraves died from anything other than old age. He died in relative poverty at the age of 80.

Who was the famous Australian pioneer at the time of the gold rushes?

Edward Hammond Hargraves he was the one who found gold in Summer Hill Creek, he later named it Ophir. and he was the one who started the gold rush in New South Wales he had two friends with him, John Lister and William Tom this was all in 1851 near Bathurst by lil rat im 14 years old lol

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