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How old was guru Nanak when he had his religious experience?

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There is uncertainty around the exact age Guru Nanak was summoned by Akalpurakh (God in Punjabi), bestowed divine knowledge and asked to spread knowledge about God's true form. He was between the age of 27 and 32 when he had the enlightening experience but the most likely age is 27 as noted by historians like Bhai Veer Singh, Principal Satbir Singh and Tirlochan Singh. In the illustrated history of Guru Nanak, SikhComics ( also mentions 27 as the possible age of enlightenment.

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Where did Guru Nanak visit when he had his religious experience?

It was in the year 1499 A.D when Guru Nanak Dev Ji was 30 years old that during his usual daily bath he went to a stream which used to flow by his village and he disappeared for 3 days and reappeared after his religious experience.

How did Guru Nanak die?

Guru Nanak died a peaceful death, and of old age.

How did guru nanak eventually die?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji died of old age.

How old was Guru Nanak Dev at death?

Guru Nanak Dev died on September 22, 1539 at the age of 70.

How old was Guru Nanak when he had his river revelation with God?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was 30 years old. He was born in 1469 and it was in 1499 that he had his revelation.

How old is Guru Nanak Dev?

Guru Nanak Dev was born on April 15, 1469 and died on September 22, 1539. Guru Nanak Dev would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 546 years old today.

When did guru nanak die?

Guru Nanak died on 22 September 1539 at the age of 70 years old in Kartarpur, Mughal Empire.

How old was guru nanak when he died?

he died in 1538 so he was 69 :)The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was 70 when he died.

What did guru nanak die of?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji died from old age. He wasn't sentenced to death like some of the other Guru Jis. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a kind man who believed in equal rights like all the other guru jis.

Death of guru nanak?

He died of old age in 1539.

How old was guru Nanak when he went missing?

he was 30

What was Guru Nanak job?

Guru Nanak was was an accountant for Daulat Khan when he was 16 years old. He then got enlightened on the 20th October and started teaching people right from wrong. =)

How did Guru Nanak Dev Ji die?

Sat Shri Akal. Guru Nanak Dev Ji died from old age. He wasn't sentenced to death like other Guru Jis. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a kind man who believed in equal rights.He didn't deserve to die it just happend everyone does it he was no diffrent.:):):):):):):):) ;););) :P ;P

How old was guru nanak dev when he died?

70.He lived between 1469 - 1539

What significant event took place when Guru Nanak was eleven years old?


Where was the Sikhs originated?

The religion is around 500 years old, it was found by guru Nanak dev ji

What are two famous stories about Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was 12 yrs. old, his father gave him 20 rupees. He said to go do business, so he can learn it. Guru went and bought food and fed it all to the poor. When his father asked what did he do he said True Business. Now there is a Gurduwara built of where Guru Ji did all this named Sacha Sauda.

Who founded the Sikh religon?

Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was founder of the Sikh religion. He set off on a pilgrimage when about 30 years old, and then settled in the village of Kartarpur in the Indian region of the Punjab about 1520. Central to Guru Nanak's primary religious philosophy was the unity of the values from both the Hindu tradition and the Muslim faith.

How old is Guru Nanak Dev this year 2008?

Guru nanek Dev was born April 15, 1469 in Talwandi, a Western Punjabi village. He died on September 22, 1539, making him 70 years old at the time of his merging with his creator.

Where did Sikhism develop?

well Sikhism started in India to be specific Punjab which is in Northern India. By Guru Nanak Dev Ji who wanted to to separate from the old Hinduistic rituals which are now illegal in India. It started around the 1500's if u want more info about how Sikhism began you should more about the history of Guru Nanak Dev

Who was the second Guru of Sikhs?

Guru Angad Sahib, (Bhai Lahna ji) was born in the village named Sarai Naga (Matte Di Sarai) district Muktsar (Punjab), on Vaisakh Vadi 1st , (5th Vaisakh) Samvat 1561, (March 31, 1504). He was the son of a petty trader named Pheru ji. His mother 's name was Mata Ramo ji (also Kwown as Mata Sabhirai, Mansa Devi, Daya kaur). Baba Narayan Das Trehan was his grand father, whose ancestral house was at Matte-di-Sarai near Mukatsar. Pheru ji shifted back to this place.Under the influence of his mother Bhai Lehna ji began to worship Durga (A Hindu mythological Goddess). He used to lead a batch of worshippers to Jawalamukhi Temple every year. He was married to Mata Khivi ji in Jaunary 1520 and had two sons (Dasu ji and Datu ji) and two daughters (Amro ji and Anokhi ji). The whole family of Pheru ji had to leave their ancestral village because of the ransacking by the Mughal and Baloch militia who had come with Babur. After this the family settelled at village Khadur Sahib beside the Beas river, near Tarn Taran Sahib (A small town about 25 kmt.away from Amritsar City).Once Bhai Lehna ji heard the recitation of a hymn of Guru Nanak Sahib from Bhai Jodha ji (a Sikh of Guru Nanak Sahib) and was thrilled and decided to proceed through Kartarpur to have a glimpse of Guru Nanak Sahib at the time of yearly pilgrimage to Jwalamukhi Temple. His very first meeting with Guru Nanak Sahib completely transformed him. He renounced the worship of Hindu Goddess, dedicated himself to the service of Guru Nanak Sahib, became his Sikh and began to live at Kartarpur, His devotion to Guru Nanak Sahib and his holy mission was so great that he was installed as the Second Nanak in September 7, 1539 by Guru Nanak Sahib himself. Earlier Guru Nanak Sahib tested him in various ways and found an embodiment of obedience and service in him. Guru Nanak Sahib gave him a new name Angad (Guru Angad Sahib). He spent six or seven years in the service of Guru Nanak Sahib at Kartarpur.After the death of Guru Nanak Sahib on September 22, 1539, Guru Angad Sahib left Kartarpur for Khadur Sahib Village (near Goindwal Sahib). He carried forward the thought of Guru Nanak Sahib both in letter and spirit. Yogis and Saints of different sects visited him and held detailed discussions about Sikhism with him .Guru Angad Sahib introduced a new alphabet known as Gurmukhi Script, modifying the old Punjabi Script 's characters. It become the script of the masses very soon. He took great interest in the education of the children by opening many schools for their instruction and thus increased the number of literates. For the youth he started the tradition of Mall Akhara, where physical as well as spiritual exercises were held. He collected the facts about Guru Nanak Sahib 's life from Bhai Bala ji and wrote the first biography of Guru Nanak Sahib. (Bhai Bale Wali Janamsakhi available now a days in not the same that Guru Angad Sahib had compiled.) He also wrote 63 Saloks (stanzas), these were included in Guru Granth Sahib. He popularized and expanded the institution of 'Guru ka Langar' started by Guru Nanak Sahib earlier .

What is Sikhism?

Sikhism is a religion started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji beginning in 1459 in Punjab (now part of India and Pakistan). Guru Nanak and his 10 successors established a philosophy of religious study and meditation. "Sikh" means "student" or "disciple" (from Sanskrit sisya , related to siksa, meaning "instruction", and the word 'Sikhna' which means to learn). Sikhism is all about peace, patience, and respect to God; to respect the things we have to eat and wear. Guru Nanak Dev Ji made a rule : Sikhism is the first and only religion that gives both genders, male and female, the same rights. Sikhism descends from an old Indian faith, earlier than Islam or Christianity or perhaps Judaism. But it is not as old as the traditional Hindu faith, which is believed to be one of the oldest widely-practiced faiths in the world.

Why was guru Nanak chosen to be a guru?

Guru Nanak wasn't chosen to be a Guru he became a Guru by travelling around India and other countries. You see he was brought up as a Hindu but didnt believe in the whole religion. anyway when he was older he had married and had 2 sons, as well as this he worked in an office and learnt about many other different religions. When he was 30yrs old he had a bathe in the river and he disappeared. his family thought he were died, so were very sad. However 3 days later he returned and said ''GOD TOOK ME AND TOLD I SHOULD TEACH PEOPLE THE TRUTH'' so he travelled around many different countries teaching people what they believe is the truth. And it became known as Sikhism. so as the finder of Sikhism he just became arandom guru!!! hpe this helped!!! xxx

How old is guru granth sahib?

The Guru Granth Sahib is 346 years old in 2012.

How old is Keith 'Guru' Elam?

Keith 'Guru' Elam was born on July 17, 1966 and died on April 19, 2010. Keith 'Guru' Elam would have been 43 years old at the time of death or 49 years old today.