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Proto-oncogenes are genes whose products promote cell growth and division. They do this by encoding transcription factors that stimulate the expression of other genes, signal transduction molecules that stimulate cell division, or cell cycle regulators that move the ell through the cell cycle. Proto-oncogene products may be located in the plasma membrane, cytoplasm, or nucleus, and their activities are controlled in various ways, including regulation at the transcpritional, translational, and protein-modification levels. When cells become quiescent and cease division, they repress the expression of most proto-oncogene products. In cancer cells, one or more proto-oncogenes are altered in such a way that tier activities cannot be controlled in a normal fashion. This is sometimes due to a mutation in the proto-oncogene resulting in a protein product that acts abnormally. In other cases, proto-oncogenes may encode normal protein products, but the genes are overexpressed or cannot be transcriptionally repressed at the correct time. In these cases, the proto-oncogene product is continually in an "on" state, which may constantly stimulate the cell to divide. When a proto-oncogene is mutated or aberrantly expressed, and contributes to the development of cancer, it is known as an oncogene. Oncogenes are those that have experienced a gain-of-function alteration. As a result, only one allele of a proto-oncogene needs to be mutated or mis-expressed in order to trigger uncontrolled growth. Hence, oncogenes confer a dominant cancer phenotype.

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Q: How oncogenes are produced form proto-oncogenes?
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What are proto oncogenes called when they mutate and become cancer causing genes?

They are called oncogenes.

Retroviruses are well known as cancer causing agents because it?

integrates their proviral DNA next to protooncogenes

Where can one learn more about oncogenes?

The best place that one can learn more about oncogenes is the American Cancer Society's official website. The site has a page dedicated to oncogenes and has a list of answers to common questions asked about the gene.

What is oncogenes?

Oncogene is a gene which causes cancer.

What is a cancer causing gene called?


What is the difference between oncogenes pro oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes?

Oncogenes regulate cell division, so if it is placed near an overly active gene, it may itself become overly active, thus causing cancer. Tumor suppressors suppress tumors and will only cause cancer if it stops its activity, contrary to oncogenes.

Checkpoint genes that stimulate mitosis are called?


What do Proto-oncogenes regulate?

Proto-oncogenes stop cells dividing too often. When a mutation occurs to proto-oncogenes this is when cancer can occur, as there is then no hay-flick limit (normally cells have a limit to how many times then can divide) cells are able to replicate uncontrollably.

What is an example of a genetic material that causes cancer?

diethylstilbestrol No it is not! It is oncogenes!

Difference between oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes?


What do oncogenes normally encode for?

proteins that regulate cell growth

What has the author Manjusri Das written?

Manjusri Das has written: 'Selected abstracts on oncogenes and epidermal growth factor receptors' -- subject(s): Abstracts, Tumors, Oncogenes, Epidermis

What are three genetic changes that can convert proto-oncogenes to oncogenes?

Movement of DNA within the genome, amplification of a proto-oncogene, and point mutations in a control element or in the proto-oncognene itself.

What type of viral gene can cause cancer in its host cell?


What Genes handle proteins necessary for cell division?


Checkpoint genes encoding proteins that stimulate mitosis are called?


The genes that handle proteins necessary for cell division are?

C. proto-oncogenes

Checkpoint genes encoding protein that stimulate mitosis are called what?


What aspect of retroviruses makes them both unique and harmful?

They can deactivate the anti-oncogenes.

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