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In WW1, there was a significant amount of spying, but it proved to be of limited importance. National spy organizations had yet to be developed, so spying was still conducted as part of the various diplomatic organizations, which meant it was not coordinated or directed.

In WW2, espionage was taken to a whole new level. Huge networks of people spied for the Allies, providing enormous amounts of information of very critical importance (and, in fact, there was even spying BETWEEN the Allies, as they tried to look at each other's secrets for political gain). Unfortunately for the Axis, the compromising of the Enigma communications system meant that Axis spying was spectacularly UNsuccessful, with virtually all Axis spies being caught, or, in fact, turning out to be double agents for the Allies.

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Q: How prevalent was spying during World War 1 and 2?
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Who was the dancer executed for spying during World War 1?

Mata Hari

Was spying illegal during World War 2?

Every nation considers spying to be a crime, particularly during times of war. Their own spies are exempted, of course. It's only a crime if some other nation is doing it.

Why were people moved to internment camps during world war 2?

To prevent them from spying or committing sabotage

What happend to Japanese Americans during World War 2?

During WWII there was a fear of american Japanese spying for japan. Weary of this the government put every japanese in camps to prevent them from spying.However no Japanese american was ever convited of spying yet a few white americans where convicted of spying.

What was the Germans spying on US during World War 1?

Yes, that is normal practice for all major powers.

Why did the Executive Order 9066 happen?

The American Government was scared that the Japanese were spying on them during world war 2.

Was Miss Jenny spying for the Americans or British?

Miss Jenny was a spy for the British. She was spying on the American's and the French during the Revolutionary War.

What is the last name of the couple that was executed for spying during the cold war?


What attitudes became prevalent in America after World War 1?

After World War 1, prevalent attitudes in America included one of not supporting the US being involved in foreign affairs. World War 1 started in 194 and ended in 1918. After the First World War, isolationism became prevalent in American society. Another attitude that developed was nativism.

Were hot air balloons used during the Civil war?

Yes. The Union and the Confederate armies both used them for spying during the Civil War.

Why were the Japanese americans interred in camps during the war?

The Japanes were put into camps during the war because the United States was afraid that they were spying on the United States for Japan... When in the end about ten occasions were the true people spying on the United states for Japan

What were war neuroses in World War 1?

War neuroses is another name for shell shock or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). War neuroses became prevalent during the first world war as it was the first major occurrence where it was documented.

How long did America spy on the Russians?

There has been spying going on between nations for a long time but actual organized spying on the Soviet Union began after world war one and then really got serious after world war two.

Did women do foreign spying in World War 2?

They certainly did and many of them were tortured and killed by the Nazi's.

What attitudes become prevalent in America after World War 1?

Nativism and isolationism

Who was accused of passing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets during World War 2 and later convicted and executed for spying?

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg . ~ Look to the related link below .

Was drug abuse prevalent during the Vietnam war?

Drug use defined the 1960's!

What type of warfare was common during world war I?

chemical warfare was prevalent , later outlawed by the Geneva convention

Why did the Americans not consider general Benedict Arnold a hero during the revolutionary war?

Because they thought of him as a traitor for spying for Britain.

What illnesses prevalent during the civil war?

There were several illnesses which claimed lives during the Civil War. Some of those illnesses were dysentery, measles, typhoid, and pneumonia.

Why were japanese held in internment camps during world war 2?

Because the leaders of Britain and USA were frightened they would be tempted to secretly fight for Japan and commit acts of sabotage and spying.

What was used for spying during trench warfare in World War 1?

The closest thing I can think of which might answer this question is the trench periscope. It was like a pair of stationary binoculars, yet able to look above a trench like the periscope of a submarine. It was more like battlefield surveillance than spying.

British secret agent who was captured and hanged during the American Revolutionary war?

John Andre was a British Officer, who was hung on the 2nd October 1780 for spying.Nathan Hale was an American, hanged by the British for spying.

The CIA participated in the cold war by?


What was used for spying on the enemy in World War 1?

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