How quickly can sperm cell reach the egg?

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How do sperm cell and egg cell of corals reach each other?

The sperm and egg cell reach each other in the water and fertalize the egg

What allows a sperm to move quickly?

Because sperm cell have a tail to swim quickly to the egg cell.....

What does the tail in the sperm cell do?

it enables the sperm to move around to reach the egg

How long does it take for the sperm cell to reach the egg cell?

it takes three days

Can more than one sperm reach an egg?

It's not possible, because after one sperm cell reaches an egg, the egg cell slightly changes look to keep other sperm cells from reaching the same egg.

Why is there a deadline for the egg to receive DNA from sperm?

Because the egg cell is carried down the oviduct by little hairs called cilia and the sperm cell has to reach the egg cell before it gets to the uterus (womb).

When a sperm cell unites with an egg cell what occurs?

when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell it fertilizes the egg cell

What is when the sperm cell joins the egg cell called?

When a sperm cell joins an egg cell the resulting sperm-egg hybrid is called a zygote.

How long does it take for a sperm cell to get to the egg cell?

Fast-swimming sperm can reach the egg in a half an hour, while others may take days. The sperm can live up to 48-72 hours.

What occurs when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell?

When sperm reach an egg, there is a competition to get into the egg first. Since sperm travel in groups, theres a lot of competition. Once a sperm has penetrated the membrane, the membrane hardens, blocking the rest of the sperm out. Once inside, the sperm releases its genetic material, and the egg cell divides, and will continue so until a new baby is born.

What is the joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell?

The joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell is called fertilization

In which process does a sperm cell unite with an egg cell?

Fertilization... Is when the Sperm cell unites with the Egg cell...

What is bigger the egg or sperm cell?

the egg is larger than the sperm cell

What happens when a sperm cell comes into contact with an egg cell?

Fertilization of the egg by the sperm cell.

What can move a egg cell or a sperm cell?

sperm cell

What the process of egg cell and sperm cell?

The process when an egg cell and a sperm cell COMBINE is called Fertilization

What process is the union of the sperm cell and egg cell called?

Fertilization is the union of the sperm cell and egg cell.

What does the cell membrane do in the sperm cell?

It fuses with the membrane of the egg cell, and the content of the sperm cell enters the egg cell.

Which is larger the egg cell or the sperm cell?

The egg cell

What cell is created when the sperm enters the egg?

A zygote (the combination of a cell and sperm) is the name of the cell that forms when the sperm and egg combine.

What is a uniting of a sperm cell with an egg cell?

The uniting is known as fertilisation of the egg by the sperm.

How many sperm survive to reach the egg?

Between 100 to 500 sperm only reach the egg to be fertilized

What is the union off the egg cell and the sperm cell?

Once a sperm enters the egg, fertilisation of the egg begins.

How many sperm cell unite with the egg cell?

One because the sperm is one cell and the egg is one cell

How many sperm cell and egg cell normally need in order to became fertilized?

An egg cell and a sperm cell