How regularly should you bath your guinea pigs?

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Once a week.

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Q: How regularly should you bath your guinea pigs?
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Can baby guinea pigs take a bath?

Guinea pigs shouldn't have baths however if you think your guinea pig needs a bath you should give it a very shallow,warm(not to hot) bath and it will make it cleaner!

Can guinea pigs have a dust bath?

No.guinea pigs should have a bath in water at least once a month, guinea pigs are very prone to respiratory problems (breathing) and the dust could be very harmful to their lungs.

What age should you start giving your guinea pig a bath?

There isn't a need to give guinea pigs a routine bath. One of my guinea pigs is 2 years old and hasn't had a bath. But she will be having one this summer and that is only because she has got slightly dirty.

Can you use critter shampoo to give guinea pigs a bath?

only if guinea pigs are considered ''critters''

Are you supposed to give your guinea pigs baths cause everyone i knwo says i shouldent?

You should only give a guinea pig a bath if it is dirty of really smelly. Guinea pigs should only have at the most 4 bathes a year because any more would be bad for them. Having a bath strips the guinea pigs skin of it natural oils.

When do you give a guinea pig a bath?

guinea pigs are fairly clean animals. u only need to give your guinea pigs a bath every 1 month. u can also use squeaky clean spray on guinea pigs.

Can you give guinea pigs a dry bath?


Are guinea pigs allowed to be bathed?

Yes, guinea pigs can be given a bath. In fact you should bathe your guinea pigs once every one to two months- just be sure to use specially fortified guinea pig or rabbit shampoo when doing so.

Can you bath your guinea pig everyday?

do not bath your guinea pigs ever! only bath them with special washing shampoo from wilkinsons, even if you get that its only if your guinea pigs are really dirty. It will have writing on the back to read or get special shampoo from ebay or a pets shop.

What should you do after your guinea pigs drowns in its bath after it survived?

Treat it with lots of TLC to let it overcome the shock of drowning.

Can you wash guinea pigs with baby bubble bath?

If the baby bubble bath is for humans, yes. Cat shampoo is advised to use on guinea pigs. Baby bubble bath may not be too harsh a soap to use.

Can you give a guinea pig a bath with water only?

yes you can give a guinea pig a bath with just water but they will not be as clean as when you give them a bath with shampoo and yes they do make special shampoo for guinea pigs don't use normal soap on guinea pigs you can find this special soap at petsmart in the guinea pig area

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