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How river formed?

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a river is formed when the rain from the clouds rain water a the water rushes down and forms a river and it could even go into the sea!

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How was the Congo river formed?

The congo river was formed by the waters of Lualaba River.

What river is formed by the nile river?

The Nile river is formed by the Blue river and the White river. ~ You're Welcome

How are river channels formed?

river channels are formed when river water erodes into a larger opening

How was a river raft formed?

A river raft was formed by the water eroding the river time after time

How are river valleys formed?

River valleys are formed by stream erosion.

How was the cooper river formed to be a river?

the cooper river was formed by fast moving water turning it into a fansheped river delta.

How deltas are formed?

They are formed by the river reaching the end of its travels. The river flows into the ocean or sea and that is where they are formed.

Is the Nile river formed by erosion or deposition?

The Nile River is formed by Deposition.

What river has formed the Grand Canyon?

The Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon.

When was the date the Yarra River was formed?

The Yarra River was formed around 6000 B.C.

Where is a river delta formed?

At the mouth of the river.

Which is the longest river valley project is formed on the river sutlez?

Indus Basin Project is the longest river valley project that was formed on the River Sutlez.

How are river meanders formed?

erosion and deposition, they are the two main process of how a meander in a river is formed.

How a river is formed?

a river is formed when rain comes it drops water to the valleys and they get bigger in water

Was the Arkansas River Valley formed by erosion or depostion?

The Arkansas River was formed by erosion, not deposition.

What are landforms formed because of river?

A delta is sometimes formed by the accumulation of silt at the mouth of a river.

How is a river bank formed?

When a river is formed, water weathers rock in its path becoming deep...

What river is formed by the Tigris and Euphrates?

the medeturanian sea was the river that formed the Tigris and Euphrates rivers

How was the Ganges river formed?

The Ganges river was formed when the two rivers - Bhagirathi and Rudraprayag met at Devprayag to form the main River.

How was the chattahoochee river formed?

it was formed by rain falling

The Congo Basin was formed by which river?

Nile river

Which river formed the Congo basin?

The "Congo" river.

What river formed the gand canyon?

The Colorado River

What landforms are formed by the deposition of sediment?

River deltas are formed by the deposit of river silt at the mouths of rivers.

Which river is formed where the monongahela and allegheny rivers meet?

The river that is formed where the Allegheny and Monongahela meet is the Ohio