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I feel the benefits outweight the risk's one very good thing about the drug is that it is not a controlled stimulant like Ritalin or adderal, like any psychiatric medications there are a slew of side effect's but there is only one way to find out whether you will be effected by any of these my suggestion give the medication a try for a minumum of a month have loved one's or wife ect pay attention and see if it effects you in a negative or positive manner good luck try not reading into thing's as much they will terrify you

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:17:50
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Q: How safe is using Strattera to cope with adult ADD?
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Is it safe to take Strattera and Tramadol?


Is Strattera safe to mix with ibuprofen?


Is Strattera safe to snort?

NOTHING! is safe to snort. it is a major harmness to your body.

Can you take Prozac and Strattera together?

Yes, but you do not need as much Strattera because Prozac inhibits its metabolism therefore you maintain higher plasma levels of Strattera with less. It is safe to use both as directed by your doctor.

Is it safe to take Strattera and Wellbutrin sr together?

I have been prescribed ibupropion (generic of welbutrin) and strattera together for 4 yrs now.. no problem whatsoever Kim in SC

Is it safe to take Prozac with Strattera?

Neither Prozac nor Strattera are uppers or downers. Prozac works on serotonin, and Strattera works on norepinephrine, two of our brain cocktails. Both drugs level out their respective neurotransmitters; nothing is added or removed, just made to work more efficiently. Prozac may inhibit some of the activity by Strattera; as for being safe, however, this is for a doctor to decide and monitor. Each case is different.

Is it safe to mix Strattera and dxm based cough medicines?

Yes, although dxm will linger in your system longer because your body won't be able to metabolize the dxm as good as without Strattera.

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Cope Middle School - Louisiana -'s motto is 'Be Respectful, be responsible, and be safe.'.

Is ibuprofen safe to mix with Strattera if so what is the maximum amount of ibuprofen can you take with a 50mg Strattera?

I dont´t know if it is absolutley safe, but I take 40 mg Starttera and wehn my teath hurts i oftentake 3000 mg per day, and i have know shorttime disfunction.

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Adult daycare will provide a trained staff of individuals to watch your mother during hours in which you cannot. Which will help keep her safe, and away from dementia related accidents.

Is it safe or advisable to allow a child to miss 2 or more daily doses of Strattera?

Strattera is non addictive so there would be no withdrawal symptoms. I want to answer this question with a question. Why would you want to withdraw this medication for two days?

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