How should I unclog clogged drains?


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You should pour hot water down your drain. Hot water will open up your drain quickly. If you don't have hot water put some on the stove and unclog away, and this should work.

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Condensate drain is clogged. unclog it or call a plummer

Drano rots some products, but also jellifies others. It is not a good drain cleaner. To find better products go your plumbing wholesaler.

No, if it is clogged it must be replaced.

If the drains are truly clogged, there will be no breeding in them as no one will be able to fit in. If there are gaps and you find people breeding there, clog the drains even more.

They share the same drain and it is becoming clogged. Drain cleaner in both drains should help.

They can. Pouring vinegar down a drain clogged with eggshells should unclog it as the vinegar dissolves the eggshells.

It is not very hard to unclog a drain system. You will need to first know what might have clogged it. Then there are several home remedies to unclog that you can use. Some examples are baking soda and vinegar, but before trying anything figure out what might have clogged it.

There are thousands of sites where you can find information about clogged drains. They give great solutions for your problem.

you don't pour anything in your garbage disposal. if its clogged you just flick the switch to make everything unclog. you can also call a plumber for better advice.

The drain is either not high enough or partly clogged. It should be about 36 inches up off floor. Adding a bit of ABS pipe is easy, or run a thin snake down and unclog it.

If the converter is clogged it must be replaced. You cannot unclog it either on or off the vehicle.

A concoction that is supposed to unclog drains and toilets.

You don't. In my book they are items that if damaged or clogged they should be replaced. A new one will run you $8-$20 if you do the work your self.

No I just did that yesterday and it clogged my toilet and it will not unclog for the life of me

There is only one thing you can do and that is to replace the clogged converter. There is no way to unclog it.

You just have to wait for it to unclog itself. It can take a while, but be patient. If it says under status that the person isn't feeling fresh, have them take a nap or something while the shower is clogged. Just wait and it'll unclog itself

You cannot unclog a converter. If it is clogged it much be replaced.

boil water... put it into a cup, rest your clogged ear over top of the cup. the steam from the boiled water will unclog your ear.

If you add baking soda and vinegar in a drain the reaction will help un-clog or clean out your drains, however do not use to much or you could damage your pipes.

To unclog a drain that is clogged up with eggshells, first remove as many of the shells as possible. Then pour in a lot of vinegar, which will soften the shells, and let it soak for at least a day. Try using a plunger to clear the drain after that. Repeat the process if necessary.

You don't. A clogged catalytic converter must be replaced. (or omitted if laws permit in your area)

If the fuel filter is clogged best bet is replace it. There not expensive

Using a product such as Drano is a great way to unclog a drain.

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