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Answer :okay ! well when this guy asked me out we did it with this cute little note and it was during drama, MY LIKE FAVORITE CLASS!! s but anyways he kind of through it at me then ran away and i was laughing and was all like"why did you fold it so small ?" and then as soon as i read it my face got all straight and i was like all suprised cause i really liked him ... but i guess he thought i was going to say no because when im not smileing i look all pissed off and i think he was worried... the next class we had together i wrote a note asking him if he was serious and he said yes.. . so i wrote my answer on another note and i sat there playing with it for like 15 minutes until i got up to get a dictionary but i cauld tell i was driving him crazy cause while i have the note with the answer he was staring at my hand... when i finally gave it to him he had like a mini spazz.. it was really cute .. but you should always be realy sweet to the guy even if your going to reject him
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Q: How should a girl respond if the guy she really likes asks her out?
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When a guy asks you to call him?

it means he likes you and he really does if he said can i have your phone #

How should you respond when someone asks you to the prom?

That is up to you; either a yes or a no.

What do you do when your going out with someone The boy asks you out and then you can say yes or no. basically the boy is asking you to be their girlfriend. You hug and kiss buy each other stuff?

You should totally go and date him if you really really like him.Plus you totally know he likes you too.He probly likes you if he asks you out on a date. Like I said if you like him and he likes you totally go for it!

How should you flirt with a guy in eighth grade who you think likes you?

What you should do is it depends what grade you are in, but play hard to get and say no if he asks you out. If he keeps trying you know he really likes you so if you want say yes the second time

What to do when the guy you really like and likes you but wont ask you out btw he thinks its weird if a girl asks a guy out what should i do?

ask first in a nice way

What does it mean when a girl asks for you?

she likes u and u should say yes

How do you know if a guy u likes really likes ya friend?

He is paying morw attention to your friend rather than you, and if she is not there he asks about her.

If you ask a girl out and she says no but she really likes you what does it mean?

it prolly means she's nervous or she's not ready yet and u should wait until she asks

If a boy asks to dance does it mean he likes you?

Ussual it does unless he's a really close guyfriend.

How do you know if a woman is playing you really likes you?

If she asks you to buy her anything, she's just playing you.

What do you call someone who gets their tits out whenever someone asks?

Someone who really likes showing what they got!

What does it mean when a guy asks your brother about you?

he's probably just really wanting to know you. AKA : he likes you.

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