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How should a girl respond if the guy she really likes asks her out?

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2011-09-13 05:18:47


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okay ! well when this guy asked me out we did it with this cute

little note and it was during drama, MY LIKE FAVORITE CLASS!! s but

anyways he kind of through it at me then ran away and i was

laughing and was all like"why did you fold it so small ?" and then

as soon as i read it my face got all straight and i was like all

suprised cause i really liked him ... but i guess he thought i was

going to say no because when im not smileing i look all pissed off

and i think he was worried... the next class we had together i

wrote a note asking him if he was serious and he said yes.. . so i

wrote my answer on another note and i sat there playing with it for

like 15 minutes until i got up to get a dictionary but i cauld tell

i was driving him crazy cause while i have the note with the answer

he was staring at my hand... when i finally gave it to him he had

like a mini spazz.. it was really cute .. but you should always be

realy sweet to the guy even if your going to reject him

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