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I am pretty flexible about the job environment however I would prefer to work in a place that [INSERT THE EXACT KIND OF JOB ENVIROMENT THAT THIS EMPLOYER HAS FOR EMPLOYEES ALREADY WORKING IN THE POSITION YOU WANT]

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โˆ™ 2006-04-04 10:48:11
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Q: How should you answer 'What kind of environment do you prefer'?
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What type of work environment do you prefer?

the answer should be in a convincing way.......hence your answer should be "im adaptable to any kind of environment"

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dark and quite

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They prefer alkaline (the oppsite of acid) waters

What kind of work environment do you prefer?

I WILL LIKE a friendly place fast learning and support

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aint nobody got time fo' dat

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They prefer dark environments.

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Sea stars prefer a clean environment with a low salt content. They prefer an abundance of food, and like their environment to be as natural as possible.

What career should you prefer?

"Should" and "prefer" don't go together very well. The one you prefer, you prefer for your own reasons and not because you think that you 'should'.

Do you prefer a quite environment or an environment with some sound?

That's a question that you have to answer yourself because that is a self opinion question, asking someone else doesn't help you at all. But, I prefer an environment with SOME sound.

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i dont know

Do pill bugs prefer dark or light environment?


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Lions prefer the savanna.

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What kind of working environment do people prefer?

I prefer private, quiet, comfortable but efficient, without the boss cruising by all day, or anyone looking over my shoulder. I will not allow stepping into my space in such a way that you are bullying me while we are talking. I will move you away.

What kind of gemstone to you prefer?


What kind of work environment makes you feel most comfortable?

A work environment with friendly colleagues can be a comfortable place to work in. The work environment should also have mutual respect and helpfulness.

Should people lose their jobs to help the environment?

no not at all. not that helping the environment is bad, but what happens when people lose their jobs and can no longer pay for any kind of movement to help the environment?