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If you are talking about desensitization shots, having been through this with my child, these are things that worked:

-explain that the shots will help her/him not to have so many Asthma attacks.

-the needle used for these is so small that many children never even feel it if they are distracted. you can even get the doctor to show it to the child if you think it will help.

-the shots don't go on indefinitely, they stop after an immunity has been built up. The immunity can last for years.

-making allergy shot day a special treat day for some favorite activity helps a lot, if it is dependent on their behaving well for the shot first.

-get the child to talk out their specific worries about the shots, and be honest in your response.

-some kids like a colorful bandaid with their favorite characters on them for their "owie".

-if your child will respond well, set her/him on your lap for the shot, but be firm while soothing her/him that this is necessary because you care about her/his health and well-being.

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Q: How should you comfort a child when their asthma is so bad they have to have allergy shots?
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No. I got mine 1 year after I was diagnosed with pollen allergies and then I learned that 80% of everybody who gets pollen allergy develops asthma. My sister have always had that allergy but developed serious asthma after her second child.

Children with Asthma?

are often allergic to something like mold that sets off the asthma attack. A good first approach is to take the child to an allergy doctor to see what allergies if any exist and avoid them or get allergy treatments.

Can a person get asthma latter in his life when he wasn't born with it?

Yes, that is how most people get it. Just 80% of people who have pollen allergy develops allergic asthma. It's not as bad as the one you are born with but it can develop into it. I got my asthma after I had my second child. But I also have a severe allergy against pollen and fur.

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Well that should be an easy answer the answer is I don't know?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

Can a child with asthma have a short haired dachshund?

Because asthma is constriction and inflammation in the airways, a short haired dachshund should be fine because dogs cannot trigger an asthma attack.

Can a child get a reddish raised rash from a dog allergy?

Unless the child has the same allergy, No. Allergic reactions are not "contagious"

At what age is a child likely to develop asthma?

There are many ages when a child can develop asthma. The age that a child is most likely to develop the disease called asthma is the very young age of five.

What causes someone to spit up phlegm when you eat certain foods?

Asthma doesn't spread. It's not a contagious disease. It's an allergy. You're born with a tendence to hipersensitivity, and can develop it through your life. If you're exposed to allergens at a very young age, you develop asthma as a child.

What was thedor Roosevelts illness as a child?

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cudle with your child

Is a rabbit better than a dog for a child with asthma?

Animals have nothing to do with asthma. Allergies do.

How did Theodore supere be president with asthma? mean Theodore Roosevelt? He only had asthma as a child.

Can a child outgrow his allergy?

I believe so.

What is the worst dog for a child with asthma?


Do asthmatics grow out of asthma?

Yes, especially if they have asthma when they were children. My husband had asthma as a child (very badly) but by the time he reached 15 it disappeared.

Can a child build an allergy to a pet that has been around the child for months?

maybe or not

What type of medicine should be given to a chid with childhood asthma?

Inhalers are a must, especially if the child experiences asthma attacks. Inhalers usually contain a steroid medication that will cut an attack short. There are other medications that can be used to treat asthma -- there is no cure, just treatment.

What happens if a child takes a 10mg dose of amoxicillin?

Nothing unless the child has an allergy

Is it harmful for a child to use an inhaler if they do not have asthma?

Yes it is

What is the best pet for a child with asthma?

A poodle or a Schnauzer