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The answer is VERY CAREFULLY! I don't know how old you are, but I'm assuming that you are young to be asking a question like this. Remember that you do not REALLY know who you are talking to in a chat room. Alot of bad people use the internet to hide their true identity. They say things that are not true-such as that they are a 15 year old girl when they are really a 45 year old man. Do not give out any of your personal information-such as your name, where you live, where you go to school, or any information that might enable a bad person to track you down. It's best to not talk to anyone on the internet that you don't know. Get your school mates user names or e-mail addresses so that you can chat with your friends. Also, tell your parents who you are talking to on the internet. They may want to look into the information that you are giving out that might be dangerous. Believe it or not, parents may seem corny to you now, but they are really very understanding and want to keep you safe more than anything else in the world. In my small town (less than 5000 people), a 13 year old girl was kidnapped from her house and later murdered in a storage unit by a 40ish year old man from California that she met on the internet. He was pretending to be a 17 year old boy. She gave him too much information (he tracked her down by the name of her school mascot and that she lived in Arkansas) and he was able to track her down by the information that she told him. So, please be careful!!! Things are not what they seem to be in the world of computers. You might even do a Google search on internet/chat room safety for some more tips on protecting yourself and what information about yourself that you do not need to give out. Very carefully. Do not reveal personal information, not even little stuff that you might think wouldn't matter. Be suspicious. There are far too many dangerous people out there.

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Q: How should you talk to a guy on computer chat?
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