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How soon a baby should be in the uterus?

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A pregnancy test MAY show positive from about 10 days after ovulation. But the period may still come. I am not sure what the first answer means.

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Can you still have a baby when you do not have your uterus?

The baby is enclosed inside the uterus, that is where it gets it nourishment and where the egg attaches to! No uterus... NO BABY.

Where does the baby grow in a woman's body?

The uterus is where the baby grows in the uterus

What role does the uterus play?

The uterus is where the baby developed in the womb of the mother.. The baby stays in the uterus 9 months.. =)

Is the uterus open or closed when pregnant?

Your uterus should close up when pregnant so that nothing can get in to cause an infection towards the baby.

How far does the uterus have to expand for the baby to grow?

The uterus will expand until the baby is born!!!

How does the uterus come out after the baby?

The uterus does not come out. However, the placenta does (following the same path the baby did).

How soon should you get your period after having a baby?

How soon should you get your period after having a baby? If you are breast feeding and become pregnant will your body make the hornmon HCG?

Can a woman that had a hysterectomy have a baby?

No uterus = no baby

What is in the uterus?

Uterus or womb-its were the baby develops until labor.

How do you get a baby out?

When a baby is ready to be born, the mommy starts to feel labor contractions. The uterus squeezes and pushes the baby out of the uterus and into the world.

Why do you have longer period after giving birth?

Well because a period is the shedding of the built up lining of the uterus. During pregnancy the lining of the uterus increases substantially to accommadate for the growing baby, the uterus grows a lot larger, and there must be a thick lining to protect the baby and cusion any bumps. Once the baby is born the uterus must contract back to normal size, and therefore shed this lining. The bleeding should start heavy and soon go down. Though it depends on the woman and the amount of excercise she does, if the bleeding does not drastically reduce then you should seek assistance from a midwife, health professional or doctor.

Can pressure on the uterus hurt the baby during pregnancy?

can pressure on the uterus hurt the baby during pregnancy

How can a uterus hold a unborn baby?

the uterus can hold an unborn baby because it is like a band that you can stretch

What is a unicorn uterus?

A uterus is the sac a baby grows in, in its mother's stomach. So a unicorn uterus would be the sac a baby unicorn grows in, in its mother's stomach.

Does Ashanti have a baby?

Ashanti does not have a baby so far but some should come soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it mean to have a floppy uterus?

when a skinny girl has a fat baby and when it comes out, the baby stretches out the uterus, and makes it "floppy"

Why is woman whose uterus was removed through surgical operation unable to give birth to a baby?

The uterus is the womb, the part of the body the baby grows inside. Without a uterus, there is nowhere for the baby to grow.

Why is there is a bone in a women's uterus will stretch when you will born a baby?

There are no bones in the uterus.

What area baby located?

The baby grows in the uterus.

Can you have a baby after a hysterectomy?

NO as the uterus which is removed is where the baby grows

You are 4cm dilated how soon will the baby be here?

I hope you are with a midwife or doctor because it should be soon.

What is uterus in a sentence?

The uterus plays a major role in the birth of a baby. This is a sentence which contains the word uterus.

Why is it useful if the lining of the uterus thickens?

Your uterus is getting an environment ready for a baby.

What are the strong muscular contractions that push the baby out of the uterus?

The uterus contracts to help expell the baby. The cervix also dilates (opens) for the baby to pass through.

Where does the unborn baby develop?

The baby develops in the uterus or womb.