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A girl can get pregnant on any day of the year. Does not matter if you're on your period, right before, or after. There is ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy!!

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2010-04-11 18:13:20
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Q: How soon can a girl get pregnant after her first day on her period?
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Can 10 year girl get pregnant?

Yes, as soon as you get your period you are capable of gettting pregnant.

How soon can you test pregnant?

after the first missed period.

Can a girl get pregnant berofre her first period?

Yes, though it would require quite a bit of luck. "Periods" are the female bodies disposal of unfertilized eggs. When a girl begins menstruating it shows that she is fertile and can become pregnant. However, that first period is itself an egg, and can be fertilized. So if the girl has sex as soon as she becomes fertile, she can fertilize her first egg and miss her "first" period.

Is it possible that you can get pregnant 9 days to the day before your menstruation?

No if you have not had a period before but yes if you have had a period before. As soon as a woman has had her first period she can get pregnant.

How soon can a girl tell if she is pregnant?

To be accurate a test should be taken after the first missed period. Any sooner and it is likely to give a false reading.

How soon will you skip a period if you are pregnant?

You ovulate two weeks before menstruation - thus the soonest you'd skip a period is that first period, two weeks after you get pregnant.

How soon will symptoms occur if you are pregnant?

Generally the first symptom would be a late period.

How early can you get pregnant?

As soon as you have your period.

If your breastfeeding but haven't had a period can you get pregnant?

Yes, as soon as you ovulate you can get pregnant.

If your period comes soon how do you know if you are pregnant?

You wait. If you have your period, you're not pregnant. If you don't, then you have to buy a pregnancy test to find out if you're pregnant or not.

Why Period cramp but no period yet?

Maybe because your period could be starting soon. Or you are pregnant

When you get pregnant how many weeks does it take for you to miss your first period?

You start missing periods as soon as you are pregnant. So if your period was due in two weeks or three weeks from conception - it won't happen.

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