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How soon can you fall pregnant after having a d and c?

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Your more likely to fall pregnant again after a d and c. it can even take as little as a month Your more likely to fall pregnant again after a d and c. it can even take as little as a month

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You can get pregnant as soon as two to four weeks after a D&C if you weren't pregnant. If you had a D&C to terminate a pregnancy, you can get pregnant in four to six weeks.

Probably as soon as you have your period again. My grandmother got pregnant with my aunt a month after having my father.

You can get pregnant as soon as your next period which sort of is like a reset for your uterus.

As soon as your first ovulation gives you a fat juicy egg to fertilize. I'm not sure why you attach significance to the C-section? Phil The same as a woman who gives birth are extremely fertile after giving birth & can get pregnant at any time, even without having the telltale period.

Having a C-section does not reduce your risks of becoming pregnant. You have a chance that is just as good as any other.

One can develop diabetes gravidarum thus having a big baby which can also lead to c-section because of cephalopelvic disproportion.

Having a C-Section will not effect your chances of conceving.

as soon as 2 weeks. really as soon as you ovulate. from the research ive been doing, if you were more than 6 weeks along or had a d&c then wait at least 1 cycle and then your clear. but it is possible to get pregnant right after a m/c im hoping i am one of those lucky ones

if you have a natural birth, you can get pregnant within two weeks after having a baby. if you have a c section, it will take at least three months to be able to get pregnant again

If you've had a D+C then you are not pregnant unless you concieved again, if you just had the D+C within a day or two, it's possible you still have some pregnancy hormone (HCG) floating around your system that is causing the symptoms, It will go away soon. ~pawsalmighty

No. You can get pregnant after a C-section

I had a c-section on April 20th last year via c-section and I am currently expecting my next child on May 4th of this year. It is safe to get pregnant any time but your body may have different reactions. Because the c-section was not that long ago, I often experience pain and stinging around the incision scar. It tends to be more bothersome the further along I get but it may not be as serious for you. other that that, there shouldn't be any problems.

Yes, a D & C simply removes the inner lining of the uterus temporarily. It grows back quickly. Your womb will be operational in no time.

Im having the same problem dont know whats causing it. Doubt very much that you are pregnant.

It's possible but I would check with your Dr as soon as possible.

You will most likely survive pregnancy, depending on your physical size and provided you get health care as soon as possible. Birth might require a C-Section. If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, please discuss the matter with your family and your family doctor.

She is at risk of having a down syndrome child or maybe C/S.

Yes it is very possible to become pregnant soon after a miscarriage. Pregnancy soon after a miscarriage appears to be safe ( so there is no need to wait 2-3 months afterwards before trying to conceive again. It also reduces the emotional grief if another pregnancy follows soon after the miscarriage. There is no evidence to support the myth that a D&C shortens the time of conception after miscarriage. In fact, D&C can lead to infertility if Asherman's syndrome (intrauterine adhesions) results. Alternatives to D&C include expectant management (waiting to miscarry naturally) and medical management (such as misoprostol).

You should wait until after your second period after the D&C. That way you also know everything is back to normal.

As soon as you release another egg, which is different for everyone. For some it can take just a few weeks, yet for others it can take almost a year. If you are breast-feeding it can delay the return of ovulation for some time. While you can get pregnant any point after your c-section, doctors recommend some time in between to allow your c-section to heal. If you want to have a vaginal birth after c-section (vbac) you should have at least 18 months between deliveries.

You can get pregnant, but it is not likely. However, if you think you are you should see a doctor since most end in tubal pregnancy.

You'll have 2 babies just under a year apart! In two years they'll seem like twins practically. Medically speaking unless you had serious complications on your first c section, there aren't any higher risk factors the second time around. Hope that helps!

my wife had a d-c in august she is around 4 months pregnant right now.

Yes you should be able to. Unless you had complications after the abortions. Herpes does mean you have to have a c-section when giving birth.

Same as before the miscarriage. D&C does not make you sterile or makes it harder to get pregnant.

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