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Q: How soon is okay to go on a man hunt after being dumped by a zero?
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What is the retention time for an old website?

0 days. As soon as the bills stop being payed, the contents of the hard drive are dumped.

Is three days after being dumped too soon to go to a coffee shop at lunch that is jam-packed with men so you can check out the clientele?


My girlfriend dumped me should i take revenge?

Dont take revenge. She will hate you and you will hate yourself. People get dumped everyday and get over it. You will stop hurting soon.

I hope you sister get well soon?

Okay, thanks!

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Meet you on the bed soon.

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Yes, but it will die soon.

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It means meet you on the bed soon.

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What are the seven worst things to say to someone who just got dumped?

The worst things to say to someone who has been dumped are as follows: "It was for the best, There are other fish in the sea, You'll meet someone else soon." Or how about, "you know? I have a friend (or brother) that you may be interested in".

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It is totally okay. When he gets older, he'll soon play with girls. It is not only okay but it is normal for his age.

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If someone dumped their boyfriend and fancied someone else when would be a good time to ask out the guy they fancy whist not making it too soon after they've just dumped their ex?

Never leave the one you love for the one you like, cause the one you like can always leave you for the one they love.

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To say talk to you soon in Spanish you would say, hablar con usted pronto. To say okay call me, you would say bien llamarme.

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as soon as your doctor says its okay to (remember to ask him because if you still are recovering in any way it can add danger to scuba diving)

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They met on the set of Abduction in summer of 2010. They soon fell for each other and dated until early september 2011 when Taylor dumped her. Rumours he dumped her a week before the Abduction premieres. Other rumours say it was in June he decided to end the relationship

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tell your friend that its going to be okay and that your there for her always and it will pass soon

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you can't. just leave it alone and soon enough you will forget your password and that will be it. okay.

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It is okay but the air bag will not deploy in case of an accident. Have it repaired soon.