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How successful can a marriage between people of different religions cultures and languages but similar personalities be?


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A Christian should not marry a non Christian (2 Corinthians 6:14). However, if a man and woman are already married and one of them becomes a believer, they need not divorce their partner. Allow that person to leave of their own initiative if they wish (1 Corinthians 7:12-13). Otherwise, they should plan on fulfilling their duty to their spouse.

As for cultures and languages, I would hope that a great deal of thought went into the marriage before it took place. Those are issues that might be a struggle for some people. For others, perhaps they have no affect on the relationship. It really depends on the people and the severity of their differences.


Ultimately, the most successful marriage partners will share religious beliefs, whether or not they belong to the same church. In other words, their values (family, respect, kindness, etc.) will be the same or very similar. People belonging to the same church may profess to be the same but may have opposing values, and those differences may not be apparent until tragedy or other difficulties arise. Finding someone who claims to have the same religion (they belong to the same church) is only the first step in choosing someone who will be truly compatible.

In my opinion , i think religion or anything shouldn't come between two people in love


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