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When you do cardio respiratory exercises, you enable more blod flow and you exercise the heart. The breathing in respiratory exercises also cleanse the breathe and helps you have more oxygen in the body.

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Q: How the lungs are made healtthier during cardiovascular exercise?
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Which parts of the body are significantly strengthened by cardiovascular exercise?

Blood vessels, the heart, and the lungs are significantly strengthened by cardiovascular exercise.

Is it true that cardiovascular exercise causes your lungs to breathe less often?

No. Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, causes you to breath more.

Which vital organs does cardiovascular exercise benefit most?


Why is a cardiovascular exercise a good thing?

cardiovascular exercise help improve your cardiovascular system (lungs, heart, veins, and arteries) it will help you develop endurance, lose weight, and more importantly live longer.

Cardiovascular exercise causes your lungs to breathe less often?

False - If you are exercising, you are breathing more.

Are your Lungs strengthened through cardiovascular exercise?

Yes. Hard, fast breathing (often the result of cardio exercise) helps to increase lung capacity.

What is the long term benefit of taking part in regular cardiovascular exercise?

A healthy heart, lungs, and good blood pressure.

Why is cardiovascular an important component in swimming?

Cardiovascular training, or aerobic training, is a type of exercise designed to increase muscular endurance by improving the performance of the heart and lungs to distribute oxygen to the muscles.

Define cardiovascular fitness?

Cardiovascular fitness is exercise that stimulates the heart and the lungs. The heart and lungs supply oxygen-rich blood to muscles and tissues throughout the body, so it is important to have good cardiovascular fitness to to produce energy. Great cardiovascular exercises include: Stair climbing Cycling Running Treadmill Rowing Swimming Kickboxing Zumba

Which part of the lower respiratory tract is intimately in contact with the cardiovascular system?

The lungs are intimately in contact with the cardiovascular system. The alveoli in the lungs is where gas exchange occurs from the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

What do the heart and lungs send to the muscle during the long period of exercise?

blood and oxygen

Is cardiovascular and respiratory the same?

no... cardiovascular refers to heart and vessels... respiratory refers to lungs only