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Well there are lots of ways to do this. If he is your friend you could start a convincing conversation. e.g. :

Girl: "Well, you're my friend, right?"

Boy: "Well, sure!"

Girl: "And we've been friends for a while, right?"

Boy: "Well, sure!"

Girl: "Then will you go out with me, PPLLLEEAASSSEEE?!?!"


..Or, if he says no, admit you have a crush on him and that he has broken your heart or whatever. At your age, this should'nt happen, but sometimes you just can't help it when you're dying to ask that special person out.

If you're a little shy with actually asking him out, try to ask him what kind of a girl he likes, or even ask him if he liked his past girlfriends (if he had any.) If he says he likes any particular girl, you could try being a little like her. You could hang around with her and be friends with her. Just a tip, doesn't neciccerily mean it will work =p

If you're not friends with him, try and be friends with him!! Take an interest in what he likes. Have conversations that will bring you together. And, when the time comes, ask him if you can talk to him in private or find somewhere alone. Now, if you have the guts, tell him you really like him and that it would be a pleasure in your case to go out with him.

You could maybe even ask a friend you trust (i.e your best friend) to go up and ask for you, or ask him if he likes you.

Hope this helps! :) I'm 11 and learn from my experiences. Darling, as you get older, you'll understand this a lot more. And make that big moment special. Always make it special :)

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Q: How to ask a boy out when what if your in 4th grade and nine years old?
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