How to build a web server?

You need the following:

1) An Internet Service Provider.

2) A case.

3) A power supply.

4) A motherboard.

5) A CPU.

6) Some RAM.

7) A hard drive.

8) A CD or DVD drive (optional after install)

9) An operating system.

10) Power cord.

11) Keyboard (optional after install)

12) Mouse (optional after install)

13) Monitor (optional after install)

14) Cables to connect hard drive, monitor, etc.

15) Web Server Software (usually bundled with operating system)


1) Assemble all hardware parts.

2) Install operating system.

3) Configure operating system security, remote access settings, firewall, anti-virus, etc.

4) Install and configure web server.

5) Test configuration, remote access, FTP, etc.

6) Reboot, configure BIOS to restore power after power failure, to ignore keyboard/mouse missing errors.

7) Test boot configuration to ensure that no interaction required to reach the *login* screen of the server (not the command prompt or desktop).

8) Power off, remove keyboard, mouse, monitor, and any unnecessary drives (optional, but a great space saver).

9) Power on, perform final test. You should be able to access server, etc.