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if you look as youwere taken off the old ignition switch there was plastic box with a hollow circle around the ignition switch that is the immobilizer ther is a chip inside your key and they have to correspond with each other if you got it from Ford it would have comewith a new one if you got it off a scrapper then you have to get that box thisis the only solution i know wja

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:31:38
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Q: How to bypass the immobilziser on a ford fiesta m reg as you last your keys and changed all the locks and the acu and pats box but will still not start?
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How to fix car door locks on a fiesta encore?

You need to tell us what the fault is. If the locks have become difficult to turn with the key (as Ford locks do) then just squirt some Duck Oil (Duck Oil is now a Swarfega brand) into them. A squirt of Duck Oil will also stop your locks from freezing up in the Winter.

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Cost me £90 for the lock kit from Ford. Then £120 to fit it at my local garage!

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spray some w40 in them,works a treat. I prefer Duck Oil. A squirt of this also stops freezing up in Winter!

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The lock need to be changed

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